Question? You’d like to hire me for something? Lets talk! Please use the contact form below to get in touch with Jen deHaan. But please read the following first.

Hire DOGthusiast (AKA: “Hey, Jen, Please promote my dog product or service or website or let me write for you!”)

Please note that I am only considering sponsored posts for very few clients as I am busy with my businesses at this time. But if you are a great fit with my site and I have a bit of time, I will entertain promotional posts again. But please note that I DO NOT do the following things:

  • Publish third party content (sponsored articles, infographics, or guest posts).
  • Link to websites sent to me by email, or participate in link exchanges.
  • Participate in affiliate programs.
  • Work for “free” product.

I continue to receive multiple such requests daily in 2018, despite posting pretty infrequently. So to be super clear: I do not promote companies for free, do not participate in link exchanges, do not accept content marketing articles (ahem, “Guest Posts”) or any articles written by someone else, and I usually do not work for “free” product. If you want your product reviewed or written about, this is work so please anticipate a fee. This site also abides by all legal requirements (full transparency and honesty), and also follows Google Webmaster guidelines – all the time, zero exceptions.

In a nutshell: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT GUEST POSTS OR OTHER CONTENT MARKETING SCHEMES. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for some other reason. I look forward to working together!

Logos, Graphics, Infographics, Branding

Like the logos and graphics you see here? I’m also the graphic designer at Found Pixel, where you will find a portfolio and more information about what I can do. You can contact me here, or on Found Pixel, if you’re looking for new branding, logos, advertisements, badges, illustrations, infographics, social media branding, or more. Whether it’s a simple refresh or an overhaul, or even a portrait or illustration of your dog for fun, I look forward to working with you!

Please do not ask me to post your “guest post” or infographic or link to your site

I am not accepting guest posts at this time. This includes any content written by another individual (company or individual), such as your content marketing, an infographic, or anything else. As noted above: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT GUEST POSTS OR OTHER CONTENT MARKETING SCHEMES.

I will update this page if that policy changes, but I do not anticipate it will change.

Do I win the broken record award yet?

Contact DOGthusiast

In case you skipped down to this section: Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to hire me to promote your product or service.

And one more time, because it’s rarely paid attention to for so many years… so I now figure I need to make it super clear and abysmally repetitive: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT GUEST POSTS, LINKING TO YOUR WEBSITE, OR OTHER CONTENT MARKETING SCHEMES. Now I win the broken record award!

If you are interested in working together, please send me a message with information about your project and business. Thanks!