Adventure Dog Blog Hop

Adventure Dog Blog Hop

We’re excited to announce a blog hop that is focused on dogs of adventure! The new blog hop is called Adventure Dog! We’re teaming up with Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs to co-host a blog hop, and we’re partnering with who hosts a monthly Twitter Chat called #AdventureDogChat.

So what is this blog hop all about? Stuff you do with your dog! It can be about outings, dog training, sports, organized activities, unorganized activites, and so on. As long as you are doing something with your dog that’s more involved than your back yard or watching TV. You might also include links to great resources about activities, describing something you heard about, or news or products related to a dog adventure.

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is a blog post that links to other posts (from other blogs) on the same topic. Often a blog hop will be a regularly occurring set of posts on a given topic or theme, and other blogs will join in on a regular basis. Some blog hops are a single event. After the reader finishes the post, they find the links to other blog posts on the topic, and will (ideally!) click-through the other posts.

Do I need to know how to train dogs or write about specific kinds of organized activities?

No! You can approach this subject in many different ways, from things you do to train your dog to things about being active with your dog in general. This might be general information about activities, a hike you take, specific kinds of training, something you learned about behavior, observations about your dog learning things, or even questions about training you ask in order to start a conversation about training in your comments section. You do not need to be an expert on, or experienced in, organized dog activities, training or behavior.

What can I blog about?

Anything that you can share or that interests you about taking adventures with your dog (in other words, dog activities). Tell us how you do stuff with your dog. Here are some ideas of things you might want to blog about.

Adventure Dog Tuesday blog posts could be about:

  • Dog training and behavior: That’s right, adventures often involve or are focused on training. Dog training is an adventure! If you have posts about training and behavior, please continue to link them up!
  • Dog outings and activities: Going for a hike, paddle, swim, or surf session? Detail your journey or experience and link it up to our hop!
  • Dog sports: Dog sports, especially competitions, are an adventure in their own right. Share the details and outcome of your latest practice or event!
  • Staying active and fit: Jogging, urban agility, a training walk, and more – being active with your dog often involves an adventure, even if it’s part of a routine. What set it apart that’s worth sharing? Tell us in the hop!
  • A story worth sharing: I’m not sure about you, but I often have something a little bit peculiar happen on a standard outing – it’s part of living with herding breeds I think (as I know can often be the case for many or most other breeds!). I plan to share stories about these everyday adventures from time to time too. And some of them will be illustrated.
  • An adventure you want to take: Heard about a great opportunity? A unique adventure dog guardians are partaking in somewhere else in the world? Post the details, and link it up!

Monthly themes
You can choose to write posts around the #AdventureDogChat Twitter chat monthly themes too. Use these themes to get some ideas about adventures you can take with your dog!

  • September: Water sports or “fun on the water”
  • October: Scary adventures
  • November: Fall color adventures
  • December: Holiday adventures
  • January: Snow adventures

Do you have other ideas? Let us know!

And what about those Twitter chats?

Let’s hear about the Twitter chat from Jessica Rhae from, host of #AdventureDogChat.

#AdventureDogChat is a Twitter chat for adventurous dogs and their adventurous parents. The chat is hosted by Jessica Rhae from and takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5 pm PST. There chat will focus on a different topic each month based on the monthly theme of the Adventure Dog Blog Hop. You don’t have to be a Twitter expert to join a chat. It’s fun and easy. There are a lot of articles out there that will give you the lowdown on How Twitter chats work.

Wait a minute… what is a Twitter chat?
For info on what a Twitter chat is, check out this post for how to participate in one, and stay tuned for more information next week.

Will there be weekly topics or themes?

Yes, and please suggest them in the Dog Blogger community! Join the Dog Blogger Community on Google+, and post your ideas for a weekly topic and get others to join in on a theme or particular topic. If more organization is required, we’ll discuss this in the Dog Blogger community and I’ll update this space with any decisions.

There will be monthly themes for the blog hop and #AdventureDogChat.

How do I join the blog hop?

Write your post, and then do the following on Tuesday:

  1. Write your blog post about a dog adventure (any kind of activity), and find its permalink (the link to the actual blog post, not your entire blog). For more information on permalinks, read this.
  2. Find the current week’s Adventure Dog post on DOGthusiast. I will post the week’s blog hop post late Monday night, starting January 7th 2014. You need to add your post to the blog hop using the links the bottom of the blog hop section of the weekly post. It will look similar to this:
    You will see a section similar to this. Follow the directions below!

    You will see a section similar to this. Follow the directions below!

  3. Click “Click Here to Enter” . You are taken to a new page to fill in the form and add your post’s permalink, a caption, your name and email, and select or upload an image for your post. Submit this information.
  4. Return to the post on DOGthusiast and click “Get the Code Here” to grab the code to add to your post. You are taken to a secondary page with a choice of code to add to your blog post. Copy the applicable code, and paste it at the end of your blog post.
  5. Link to your hosts, DOGthusiast and Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs in your post. Link to your hosts, DOGthusiast and Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs. For ease of use, copy this code (there’s a copy button in the top right corner of the code box!):
    This post is part of the Adventure Dog blog hop, hosted by DOGthusiast and Tiffany's Diamond Dogs every Tuesday.
  6. Add the badge to your post – see below!
  7. Save and publish your changes, and then promote your post on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! Optionally add #AdventureDogChat to your tweets or post title to help more people find your post!

Questions? Ask them in the comment section below!

Where is the blog hop badge?

Right here! Copy this code to insert the 250×250 badge (pictured above) on your post or sidebar, or save the image (right-click the image below to save).
Adventure Dog Blog Hop

Adventure Dog Blog Hop

Want a smaller one? Here is a 125×125 badge:
Adventure Dog Blog Hop

Adventure Dog Blog Hop

Need a different size? Let me know and I’ll add it here.

Who can join?

Anyone who blogs about dogs can join! Don’t have a blog? It can be easy and free to create one. Here are a few places you can create a new blog for free:

  2. Tumblr
  3. Blogger

Questions? Let me know!

*Note: Posts will begin for the first blog hop, on January 7th 2014.