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DOGthusiast is a dog blog that is dedicated to pet guardians who are enthusiastic about their companion dogs (and cats!), written by dog enthusiast Jen deHaan. I focus on active dogs, dog activities and sports, training and behavior, living with dogs, interesting pet products or services that we (actually) use, and anything else that involves our favorite four-legged friends. And I love writing and illustrating stories about dogs as well, so you might see those here from time to time as well. You can contact me using the information on the contact page. Please note that I am not publishing guest posts at this time, and do not advertise or promote products or services, unless they are ones I have purchased on my own accord and believe in the product. Please DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT GUEST POSTS OR OTHER CONTENT MARKETING SCHEMES.

What I believe in, what this blog is about

  • Adopting your companion animals, as you can find amazing dogs and cats who do not have homes of any size, breed, and age
  • Treating dogs with love and respect: they are companions, not pets
  • Off-leash recreation
  • Reducing the amount of treats to bribe behavior, and instead use solid relationships and emotion to train your companion (and food instead just when it’s the best option)
  • Keep health care and diet as natural as possible
  • Having an open mind when it comes to different viewpoints (on anything, including dogs)

Awards and Recognition

BlogPaws Nose to Nose Awards Finalist 2015

About Jen deHaan

Jen deHaan is an animal advocate, volunteer, dog blogger, graphic designer, and dog person living in the San Francisco Bay Area, California (Sunnyvale, CA). She likes to support local and national efforts for animal welfare and advocacy. Jen enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and has taken several courses and seminars since 2010. Courses have included Trish King’s CBA course, John Rogerson‘s aggression seminar, and his and 21 day intensive on behavior and training in India. She has been a shelter volunteer and Dog Training class assistant, and assisting with other local advocacy projects. Jen also shares what she has learned about dogs to other quality resources, contributing articles to leading websites such as Victoria Stilwell’s Positively.

Jen runs a small business making handmade dog products called Stylish Canine, and a freelance graphic designer at Found Pixel.

Mort, Tig and Jen in the park. Happy dogs, happy human!

Mort, Tig, and Jen

Meet the Dogs

This is Mort, and here is his report.


Mort is a 3 year old Kelpie mix, who came to us from the Merced County Animal Shelter in the California central valley. He is a highly active dog who loves any kind of sport, activity, training, food, or toy. And he loves all of those things with great enthusiasm and intensity! He has participated in Flyball team practices and a tournament, Disc dogging with the Disc Dogs of the Golden Gate team, and training classes such as Stunt Dogs and Treibball. Some of his main loves in life also involve lure course, leaping into a lake after a frisbee, and “urban agility” (jumping on or along objects, balancing on things). Mort has also been at the emergency vets 3 times in the past 2 years, and surprisingly not due to the training or stunts, so he does keep us on our toes in more than one way. He’s a ton of fun, and is definitely my “trainers dog”.



Tig is a 5 year old English Shepherd. She was adopted from Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco. Tig’s main love is the couch, and lounging about looking pretty. She could best be described as Mort’s opposite: she doesn’t have any interest in organized sport, training, or toys. She winces if you toss one in her direction. She does love to follow me around like my shadow, and she would adore chasing squirrels if she was given the opportunity (she hasn’t been given the opportunity, but she has taken it a few times). Tig is fantastic at being a very pretty and entirely lovable dog.

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