I mean, honestly. Look at this thing. Ridiculous. It is the width of a twin bed, and probably big enough for any small child. Tig looks like a toy size dog. Note this is a size “Large”. The dog bed comes in three sizes, this is the biggest. As the manufacturer accidentally sent the Medium size cover, do note that the Medium fit entirely in the center square of the Large size (within the bolster edges). This will make more sense if you view the photos below.

Tig in Casper dog bed.

Wait, when did Tig become a toy breed?

But this is what we do, right? We spoil em a bit on the holidays, give them something to long-dog in (this is what we call that stretched out “I just don’t give a damn” pose a dog in complete chillax does). Or fit both dogs, easily.

Both of the dogs easily fit in this dog bed. Plush, plush, plush.

And if you are Mort you look like a chihuahua or something.

Mort in a dog bed

Mort in the new dog bed, looking pretty small.

Yep, Tig and Mort ended up with the Casper Dog Bed this year for Christmas (Casper makes human-type beds too). I didn’t even know the thing was coming (husband splurged on it) when a giant BAM on the doorstep and I was like “what the hell?” Haul the thing in and Mort’s eyes just about popped out of his head (he loves boxes, because they often contain those air pocket things Amazon puts into theirs and he will destroy all air pockets with wild abandon). No air pockets in the box, just a pretty plush bed.

Inside the box: four giant bolsters of foam, bed padding, bed cover.

Unfortunately they sent the wrong size cover, and we had to wait a long time and several emails to get it all straightened out (but they did give us a small bit of cash back, but it was a let down and hassle since it took them a few tries to get the correct cover to be sent).

Extravagant? Yes. Costly? Yeah, kinda. Lap of luxury? Definitely. But the dogs love it, they get to hang out in comfort while I work away at my desk, and it makes them feel so 1% so a win. Now it’s my job to deflate those egos a bit and put em to work or something. Get to work, working dog!!

Note: No sponsorship. My husband bought this thing with our own money, we have no material connections with the company. Just a story about a dog bed and an excuse to post some photos.
Good, but expensive

Excellent dog bed, that's dog approved (in that whenever I glance over at least one dog is in the thing). It's expensive (hence, less one star), but

Some problems with getting the correct size cover sent, but customer service was helpful and responsive.

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Dog usage

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