Both of my dogs think that bees are one of the most exciting things on our walk. They whiz around their heads as we walk down the path due to the multitude of flowers in the townhouse landscaping, and are the source of much excitement. Hackles are sometimes raised, and I hear a lot of snapping. While I will try to distract them as much as possible, of course it’s not always possible.

I try to imagine what the dogs think they are, and this is what I believe:

Squirrels and bees and a dog

He treats bees like small squirrels in bee jackets.

Because when the squirrels dart past, they react almost exactly the same way.

It goes without saying that we are prepared with Benadryl in the cupboard in the event the dogs catch a squirrel bee, but here are some other good articles on how to prepared for and what to do if your dog eats a bee.

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  • That is Torrey. She is always chasing the bees, or hornets, and even flies. She caught a hornet once years ago. She was stung on her lip. Did she learn to not chase them…nope. LOL

    • Haha! Yeah I think that’ll be the case here – they’re so exciting to chase, the sting is worth it? I guess time will tell ’round here.

      Oh the flies – those are a definite favorite. I have two dogs bombarding the fly before I even hear the zzzz. Fly whisperers!

  • Cathy C Bennett

    Jax was stung by a huge bumble bee last month. I saw it happening but I couldn’t stop it – I panicked :( It was on his leg, but the stinger didn’t stick. He screamed, I screamed, it was a sight.

    • Oh no!! Poor Jax and poor you!! I probably would have done the same thing.

    • Talent Hounds

      Did Jax get a reaction like swelling? I wondered if dogs are allergic/react like humans if they bite a bee or ant, or if they get bitten?

  • Talent Hounds

    Love the illustration Jen. Kilo loves ants, I can’t tell you why or even how he manages to spot them, but he loves to attack them. Watch out for those stingers!

    • Oh man – ants!! In our previous house Kilo would have had a field day! (We lived near a beach and I guess they love sandy soil… yuck!)

  • Dolly the Doxie

    OMD Bee Squirrels that is so funny! Love Dolly

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Mr. N doesn’t care about insects and I’m very grateful. He has a bee allergy which his foster family found out after a trip to the ER!

  • jana rade

    LOL. I don’t think Cookie things bugs are flying squirrels but she likes to chase anything that moves. I’m trying to explain to her that if it’s buzzing loudly it’s a bad idea. Hopefully she’ll get it.

  • Your illustrations are so much fun. We have lots of bees and my Zoe loves to chase and snap at them, but has yet to catch one. I don’t think she tries too hard. Now, flies in the house, on the other hand, never have a chance. We have hours of hunting entertainment when flies abound.

  • OMG, this illustration is beautiful! Your talent amazes me!

    And yes, I think Nike totally agrees with Mort about squirrels in bee jackets. She’s so intrigued by them, and for some reason we’ve got a bunch that hang around our deck. Thanks for sharing great information about how to be prepared for a bee sting! Sharing!

  • Haha, I love the flying “squirrel bees”!! I always have Benadryl handy as well!

  • This. So much this. Love it!

  • Jackie Bouchard

    OMD. SO cute!

  • Laika got stung last year. Has it stopped her from trying to snap and chase every stupid bee? No. Now I have a clear vision at least of what’s going through her mind lol :)

  • LOVE the illustration, lol! Haley’s always trying to snap up bees and wasps and she had a bad allergic reaction a few years ago when stung by yellow jackets. I have to watch her pretty close and always have Benadryl with me.