So I’ve had a cold for what feels like forever. OK, it’s only been 9 days but it sure feels like a lot longer. Graciously, I gave my cold to my husband a few days ago and assumed “chief dog walker” position this weekend as he slogs through the thick of it. I know all of the solo dog humans out there agree we both have it pretty easy being able to tag team like this at all!

Anyway, this scenario has meant more than a few dog walks these past few days where I have probably made my neighbors fear for their property values. What am I talking about, you ask? It goes a little like this:

You might think this is an exaggeration, but "true story, bruh."

You might think this is an exaggeration, but “true story, bruh.”

No joke, yesterday I looked down while Tig was popping a squat, and saw a mustard stain… from food I ate the day before (at least). And that stain was surrounded by enough fur to lint roll off my yoga pants into a puppy sized fur ball. It wasn’t pretty. Today I leashed up the dogs, and noticed I had Mort’s collar on Tig and Tig’s collar on Mort… and shrugged it off with a “close enough”.

And the used poop bag clenched in the same fist as the Kleenex I still used? Oh I have no shame.*

I think just about everyone, neighbors dogs and sick humans alike, will be happy when we rejoin the land of the living. I hope you’re laughing with me, because it’s the best way to get through these things :)

* I’m ashamed.

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