We have covered a lot about dog activity trackers here on Internet of Dog Things… but what about your comfort when you’re out and about with your dog? Enter the GoMotion LiteBelt 100, a usable waist pack that incorporates bright LED lights on both the front and back of the belt. I received one to review, and found it to be a practical utility belt for jogging or walking your dog at night. The design also features reflective trim to enhance your visibility further. The pack also has pockets you can use to store treats, poop bags, your phone and identification and more. There’s a handy hole that you can use for either your headphones, or poop bags, as shown here:

Using a headphone access point for a roll of dog poop bags instead.

Handy for either headphones, or a roll of poop bags

GoMotion LiteBelt 100 Review

Having enhanced visibility is fantastic and really important, and I would certainly further this by using reflective or lit collars and leashes with my dog. That combined with the front and rear LEDs on this pack, and you’re much more likely to be seen by vehicles. The rear light can be turned off by holding the brightness button down (the front light cannot be turned off on its own).

While this belt is extremely functional, and adds very important safety element to a dog walk, the material is not necessarily top quality. I certainly appreciate how lightweight and breathable the material is, but the fabric and webbing (belt material) is rather thin and low quality for the price point (as compared to the webbing I use daily with other products). I would be worried about the webbing and fabric holding up over time.

Walking a dog with the GoMotion LiteBelt

GoMotion LiteBelt helps you get seen at night when walking your dog.

The GoMotion LiteBelt when walking a dog - red blinking light helps with visibility from behind.

The rear red blinking light also helps you be seen from behind when walking your dog at night.

I particularly love how you can focus the front beam for stronger light, and tilt it up and down to change the direction of the beam. If you walk dogs, you know what I mean: this is incredibly useful when it’s dark and you sometimes need to actually locate the poop in order to pick it up. I’m also really happy with the ergonomics, comfort, and design – it fits well, and is the right size for an active dog jog or hike: not to big, but has enough storage space for the essentials. The iPhone 5 fits fine in one of the two pockets, while a roll of poop bags and identification can fit in the other.

Use for hands-free walking and jogging

I really like waist packs for hands-free dog walking and jogging. This is easily achieved using this product by attaching a carabiner clip to the webbing, and attaching that to the handle of a leash. If and when doing so, here are a few recommendations:

  • Make sure that you hold onto the leash with your hand until you have your dog properly trained. Your dog should be able to do a very reliable “wait”, “down” or “stop” when beside or in front of you. Practice jogging and make sure your dog understands cadence and changing direction. Until then, hold onto the leash.
  • Regardless of training, you should hold onto the leash whenever you are near moving vehicles. Both the car and your dog are unpredictable, so you need to have more than voice control at these times.
  • Make sure you use a properly fitted collar or harness (ideally harness) that is comfortable for jogging, and consider using a bungee (springy, elastic) leash.
  • Use a belt with a detachable leash (such as the carabiner mentioned earlier), in the event you need to detach your dog quickly for emergency purposes.

Where to find it

You can find the GoMotion LiteBelt 100 on Amazon (affiliate).

Note: I received a sample belt to review at no cost. The views expressed here are honest and are those of the review author.


Useful features and thoughtful design. Minor quality concerns, but ergonomics make up for it.

  • Functional Design
  • Quality
  • Ergonomics/Fit

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