Delta Air Lines is now offering pet tracking during flight utilizing a device that passengers attach to the crate to monitor their pets. The device called the PT300 was developed by Sendum Wireless Corp., and it will cost $50 per flight. The unit attaches to the pet’s crate, and is being offered at 10 airports in the USA: New York’s LaGuardia, Atlanta; Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis Tennessee, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Tampa.

The monitoring will be in real-time before and after the flight and includes information about temperature, location, and whether the crate has tipped over. If any sudden temperature or pressure changes happen in-flight, an alert will go to the Delta call center. I have not found information on what actions will take place in the event of problems during flight.

Pets can be monitored on a website and through cell phone alerts. Their humans can only monitor alerts before and after a flight because of restrictions on using a cell phone during flight. Of course, this does not help in the event a pet breaks loose from a crate. It’s always a good idea to take preventative measures to keep the crate closed, such as using zip ties to secure the door.

H/T Bloomberg. Featured image photo via menghsindy on Flickr.

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