Grab your tissues, and watch this beautiful story and act of selflessness. A veteran with PTSD lost and then found his constant companion from war, but had to break up a cop and her constant companion here in the USA. It’s a beautiful story of doing the right thing, even when it’s the most difficult thing in the world.

This is the story of how Spike won two hearts.

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Jen deHaan is graphic designer, small business owner, and dog person living in Bay Area, California. Jen enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and has taken several courses and seminars since 2010. She also contributes articles to leading websites, such as Victoria Stilwell's Positively . It all started with a great dog called Mikey (aka "dude"), loved and lost but remembered forever. Jen also runs a freelance business focusing on graphic, web, and UI design at FoundPixel, and a small business creating hand crafted dog products at Stylish Canine.

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