In what might be the most expensive Kickstarter I’ve seen recently, Buddy Rescue is seeking 3 million dollars (yes, $3,000,000) to back their app.

The proposed app, called Buddy Rescue, integrates with Vinelight’s Fire Intelligence and smart technology to help your dog escape in the event of a fire! Essentially, you would need “smart” fire detectors (like the Nest that can sync with your smartphone) and if a fire were to occur it links with 911 call centers and any neighbors who also have this app.

Buddy Rescue plans features for opening a “smart” dog door, finding and phone the closest emergency veterinarian (say, if you were on holiday and couldn’t go to your local one I’d reckon you know), and find rescue dogs to adopt. It seems like a lot of… various uses… for a single app – but syncing up with your detectors and other home-automation tools is a nice safety feature to have. If it takes off, having nearby neighbors alerted to come help would be a nice differentiator.

The website does not have any specific smart devices listed at the time of writing, but instead lists “possible” devices. Provided that you are sent a Nest smoke detector and Tagg Smart Pet Finder collar if you support at certain levels, it’s likely that these could be first on deck for integration.

BuddyRescue is being kickstarted by VineLight, an established software development group.

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