As recently reported by several news outlets, Whistle (the maker of a tracking device that attaches to the dog’s collar) has recently acquired Tagg (the maker of a similar device). Both Tagg and Whistle have GPS tracking capabilities in their respective collar devices (Tagg’s has been released, Whistle’s is upcoming), so it’ll be interesting to watch where this acquisition takes the products.

Whistle’s sleek collar attachment is a lot smaller than the current offerings by Tagg, but does not yet contain GPS yet. In theory this acquisition could help Whistle’s GPS product – set at the moment for an already delayed “late 2015” delivery, make it to market faster. Pet wearables is an ever growing segment with many offerings already, so a bit less fragmentation in the space is most likely a great thing for our pets.

And with so many GPS trackers already or nearly available for dogs, I would imagine that if any company truly wants to compete in this space they need to get to market very quickly. And both Whistle and Tagg have had respective legs up in several categories: Whistle has a fantastic software platform and hardware, while Tagg leads the way for network connectivity and battery life in their devices. We’re very excited to see what comes of this union between the two companies. Tagg’s products will continue to be sold at

Watch this blog for updates on products on deck from Tagg and Whistle!

For more on the WhistleGPS product, due late this year, see this video:

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