Mort and I were really lucky to receive some Puller interactive dog toys to review. Have I mentioned how incredibly “into” toy reviews Mort is? He thinks it’s the best thing since lamb lung treats, actually.

He’s however quite sad that we are giving some Pullers away! He really doesn’t want them to leave the house, but that means that your dog could be the lucky recipient of a pair of these fantastic training toys. And he really wants other dogs to have fun with them too!

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Mort with the Puller dog toy

Posing with the Puller required a very solid ask for “wait”.

You can find our full review of these fantastic dog training toys over on Internet of Dog Things.

Here’s a quick sample of what Mort thinks:

Did you notice that lip quiver?

Enter to win a set of Puller interactive dog toys!

Puller dog toys arrived in a big box

Toys in a box that came to the door!

We have two sets of Puller interactive dog toys to give away this week, and another two sets next week! We are giving away one Standard size Puller set, and one Mini size Puller set. Choose the right size for your dog, and enter! There is also the opportunity to gain extra entries by sharing a special URL. You’ll receive that URL after you enter.

Enter to win the STANDARD size (from Internet of Dog Things)

Enter to win the MINI size (from Internet of Dog Things)


And again, make sure to check out the full review over on my Internet of Dog Things site.

Not sure about the right size?

The Standard puller is 11 inches diameter and the ring is about 1 1/2 inch wide. The Mini puller is 7 inches diameter, and the ring is about 3/4 inch wide.

This sweepstakes is sponsored by Puller. I received Puller dog toys in return for an honest review, but and only shares information I feel is relevant to readers. Puller is not responsible for the content of this article.

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