PetChatz is a new device that offers two-way video, video recording, motion detection, and treat and scent delivery all built into a single attractive device that mounts to your wall.

Mount the device to your wall: everything is built in

The PetChatz device mounts to your wall over an outlet, and contains a built-in video, treat, and scent dispensers (dispensing calming scents, great for anxious dogs). It’s a beautifully designed device that will fit into most homes nicely. It also has motion detection built-in, so when your pet is near the wall-mounted device you can start the video feed. But how do you get your pet near the device? It also has a ringtone that you could train your pet to respond to.

The PetChatz has everything built in, and is an attractive looking device that mounts to your wall over a socket.

You can see how feature-rich this device is below:

A feature rich device.

No subscriptions to record/share video

The PetChatz lets you two-way video chat with your dog, but it also lets you record and share videos you capture with friends. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions either, which is refreshing to hear. You can video chat with your dog to your heart’s content.

Review: Does it work?

I’m pretty excited about how feature-rich this device is, and how well it could integrate into the home. We hope to review the PetChatz within a few months. I’d love to try training Mort to respond to the ringtone, and can fathom his reaction to food delivery (obsessive, I reckon). Will it work? Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for weekly site updates, so you don’t miss our thoughts on and hands-on review of this device!

Where to find it

You can find PetChatz available through Amazon/PetChatz. It costs $349 and is available now.

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