It all seems so ridiculous when you think about it. It’s a ball. A ball you won. Just one, small red ball, dropped off on your doorstep.

Think about it: someone had to arrange for the giveaway and take care of running it. I entered the contest, and then after winning it we had to sort out my address and all that.

Then more work to ship that ball to me from the manufacturer. Contest host to marketer to fulfiller. Someone else had to send off my info to the fulfillers, who then had to package the red ball up, label it, and send it off in the brown truck.

Trucks, maybe an airplane, bin to bin to bin, then the delivery man who drove it to my house.

The delivery guy had to pick it up out of his truck, walk all the way down a long path between our row of townhouses, hear our dog going batpoop crazy behind our door (and surely hope I wouldn’t open it), and drop the bag plop on our doorstep. Then walk all the way back to his truck, where I hear him take off.

I had no clue what it was, this white bag at my door. I open it up, and inside that large bag is a tiny red ball. One small red ball. All that work, all these humans, one small ball.

But as soon as I lift it out… it was gold. It was something FOR HIM. This is no small red ball, this is the world.

And his day, nay, his WEEK was made. All day… the BALL. The NEW toy. The BEST toy (for now). The PACKAGE WAS FOR HIM.

And that, my friends, is why all of that was worth it. One red ball means the world to a dog.

Mort with a toy ball

Sheer joy with the toy.

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Jen deHaan is graphic designer, small business owner, and dog person living in Bay Area, California. Jen enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and has taken several courses and seminars since 2010. She also contributes articles to leading websites, such as Victoria Stilwell's Positively . It all started with a great dog called Mikey (aka "dude"), loved and lost but remembered forever. Jen also runs a freelance business focusing on graphic, web, and UI design at FoundPixel, and a small business creating hand crafted dog products at Stylish Canine.

  • I absolutely love this picture!

  • I love Mort!! <3 I also completely agree with you. My girls absolutely love it when they get packages!

  • beaglesbargains

    Aw Mort! Such a special man definitely deserves a package just for him!

  • Beth | Daily Dog Tag

    Lucky Mort! I’m glad he’s so happy with his new toy.

  • One little thing can make such a difference to our dogs; I love his enthusiasm. Makes me wish I could be half as excited as our dogs when I receive something new.

    • Me too!! Here’s one trick I discovered. Mort goes insanity crazy (now) for those air pockets that come in many Amazon boxes and the like. The mini balloons, essentially. So now every box that comes to the door is a great-prize waiting to happen… and for some reason that excitement kinda rubs off on me ;) Of course, the “toy” only lasts for about 60 seconds… but it does manage to make those air bags compact for disposal at least.

  • New toys are the best toys!

  • LOVE this post, and so true! Every package that shows up at our door MUST be for Miss Nike, and whatever is in it immediately becomes the most important thing in the world to her.

    Hope Mort is enjoying his new red ball! Let him know that once again, he’s made my day!

    • Awww, shucks, thanks and I just let him know! He says there’s a simple solution: more toys to spread the happiness!! And I think Mort and Nike are like peas in a pod on that one. But with Mort’s new fascination with packing “stuff” (the little packing “balloons”, that brown paper, whatever), he’s pretty convinced all boxes come with toys now. :)

    • I just let him know!! And surprise, surprise… he’s still running around with the red ball, right as I type!

      Oh and Nike just made me smile too, I can just picture her anticipating the big “reveal” when the box is opened :)

  • Such a cutie! Ziva feels this way about balls too.
    BTW – are you still doing the adventure dog hop?

    • No Adventure Dog Hop, we sort of folded it after a lack of participation, and I’m hoping to post a bit more as the mood strikes and what I feel inspired to write about as opposed to forcing myself to write on something specific. :)

      Feel free to carry it on if you like!

  • Lovely cute dog.