I went to YouTube to watch a video of a dog playing piano, and was greeted with an entire list of dogs who love playing piano. Three cheers for related links eating an afternoon away! Because at that point I had to surf around not only those videos, but others to find some favorites. So without further ado, here are the best videos I found of dogs playing a piano.

1. Tucker

First is Tucker, a Schnoodle you very well may have seen in the past. I remember seeing this video quite awhile ago, and was happy to find it again.

2. Peetu

Next is Peetu, a beagle who is both a singer and a pianodog!

3. Keyboard Dog

A keyboard playing pug, taking on the keyboard cat

4 & 5. Golden Retrievers Temper and Qurious

These are true piano dogs, and they have some fairly amazing pitch. And can actually play, for real.

This video is long but absolutely amazing. As noted, the “Dogs play the piano after spoken note names. From 5:10 on they play by ear, from 10:50 on one of them plays a tune by ear.”

OK one more…

6. Megan

Megan has the cutest ear action going on (and also knows how to “play” piano – but when she’s done, she’s done).

7. Waltz dog Bella

Bella is getting a bit of… help:

8. These toy poodles

So are these poodles:

9. This yodeling dog

And this guy isn’t shy about the singing:

10. Mister Darcy

Neither is “Caruso” here… who made Mort come running to my lap quite concerned:

And finally, the cat

The post wouldn’t be complete without a piano-playing cat! Here’s Nora the tunesmith (were you expecting keyboard cat?):

So what are your favorite videos of dogs who love playing piano? Share them with us in the comments!

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