The following question was submitted on the Pet360 Community Forums: I have a German Shepherd puppy. When should I start training my puppy? He is 6 weeks old.

Some resources and advice on when you should start training your puppy

The short answer is: right away! Puppies start learning right out of the womb (and some suspect even before then), so you can start with socialization and training right away. If possible, I would hope that the puppy could stay with mom for at least another couple weeks. Puppies should stay with the litter and mom until around 8 weeks of age to learn everything they need to in that situation. Ideally, they should be learning and being socialized by the humans of the household as well, as this is the most important developmental stage of their lives.

But as soon as they are with you, it’s really important to remember that puppies are highly impressionable at this age (especially this age), so you’ll want to be taking advantage of that and teaching them how to be lovely members of the family and expose them to all kinds of things so your pup does not develop fears or bad habits. A good, positive reinforcement program from day 1 is a fantastic place to start. I’m not talking about structured training classes, but teaching a dog that running to you is a fun and happy thing, that they can stay in one place and then come to you when they are called, to wait patiently with good manners for food, to have fun with toys (this is a big one – it makes more formal training much easier later on!)

Regardless, some good resources for how to work with a young puppy are here:

Top-notch things to teach your puppy:

General, excellent, training tips:

Videos and articles about puppies:

In particular:

Some excellent books, for now and later:

  1. The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell
  2. Family Friendly Dog Training by Patricia McConnell
  3. Train your dog like a Pro by Jean Donaldson
  4. Parenting your Dog by Trish King

Beyond the basics:

This is a good in depth article about what puppies need from the beginning, discussing what puppies lose from not having littermates. If you want a bit of extra-curricular reading, it’s a good one.

Good luck!

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