Hi friends, it’s me, Mort! And I have a fantastic Mort Report for you today. The girl bought me TOYS! That’s right, she bought me a box full of Damien’s Best Dog Toys. She interviewed the nice people and dogs behind Damien’s Best Dog Toys last week, so you should check out the interview too. I’m a dog who lives for play, so really I have to tell you about how I almost flipped my dog lid for these rope toys. AND she even lets me take them on a walk!

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I’m Mort and this is my report!

I was compensated to put Damien’s Best Dog Toys in our Holiday Guide (see below), but I purchased the dog toys featured and reviewed in this article on my own. All of the opinions in this article are my (and Mort’s) own.

The toy arrival: that thud meant happiness in a box

So I hear the thud on the doorstep, and I knew it was time to start flipping my lid. Most of the time the boxes the girl hauls in are not for me. But she gasped, and I knew it must be good so I started wigging my little nub off in anticipation of the insides of this box.

Mort opens the box from Damien's Best Dog Toys.

The toys! I can’t believe one of the boxes is finally for me!

The girl says I have OBD… Obsessive Ball Disorder. So this box was most welcome at our house.

The toy test: What did I think about the toys? Can you guess?

I wasn’t let down. These pictures are all blurry because I was wiggling so fast and heading off to play with these toys, which I grabbed one immediately and took off to go check it out. What did I get? I got two rope balls and one great dog tug, the Ava toy. This is the first thing I did with the rope ball, my first selection… check it out thoroughly.

Mort checking out the rope ball toy.

Yep, this will work as a ball just fine. I loves it already!

It’s really hard for the girl to take photos of me while we’re playing tug, but she tried:

Mort the dog playing with a tug toy.

She tried to take a photo of us playing. This one is only a little blurry!

Putting the tug toy to the test

I love to tug! I have strong chompers too!

Oh yeah, and it works great for fetching too.

And this is my face waiting for the girl to throw it again! Keep throwing that toy!

Mort waiting for me to throw the ball.

Waiting for her to throw it again while she takes her photos! Just throw it, lady!

But the main thing is: I can’t destroy them like I can destroy lots of toys. I love destroying toys, but my girl doesn’t like me doing so. When I destroy them I have a blast, but she makes a sad face and then takes it away. Anyway, I get to keep these around and in one piece, so that’s pretty great.

A bonus about rope toys: they can come with me on a walk!

The girl doesn’t usually let me carry my own ball toys on a walk. When I get distracted (cat!) … (squirrel!)… I drop the ball, and it rolls into the road. So she only lets me carry the toys that don’t roll. These rope balls don’t roll away as easily as other balls, so it’s perfect for a walk. Plus they work great for fetch still, so we get to do that once we go to the park.

The girl also took me out onto our tiny front patio to try some test fetching with the toys. Check it out!

Mort playing fetch on our small patio.

She really needs to trim the garden. Look at that mess!

Did you see how bad her first throw was?! Did you?! Let me know what you think about that toss in the comments!

Carrying toys is great because it gives me something to do! This distraction is great, because I walk nicer and don’t get as distracted (only with those important things, like squirrels!). It also means I can’t pick up things I shouldn’t.

Oh, and the girl says holding a toy also softens my face when I pass other dogs, so I don’t stare at them “like a Kelpie” she says. But I think taking my toy for a walk is just fun to do!

So toys that don’t roll are great for walks.

Supports a great cause, the mental health of pets in shelters waiting for a home

Check out this message that comes with their pet toys:

Buying these dog toys helps support shelter animals in need.

Damien’s Best Dog Toys donates toys to dogs and cats in shelters – who often go without any kind of mental stimulation while they are looking for a home. Purchasing toys from them helps support this program, and they have donated almost 500 dog toys and 7000 cat toys to shelter pets in need.

You can get them on sale!

Damien’s Best Dog Toys sells their toys on Etsy, and is offering a coupon this holiday season. You can get 10% off with the coupon code HOLIDAYGUIDE until January 31st 2015.

Mort will always choose toys.

If I chose what would fill any box for me, it’d definitely be toys. Choose toys! Always TOYS!

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