2014 Holiday Guide for Dog LoversThe dogs were lucky to have an opportunity to try out a new waterproof dog bed liner, and a dog seat cover, both from 4Knines. 4Knines was started by a husband and wife team, who wanted to create products that could hold up to their very active Dobermans. The products needed to be durable enough to hold up to the abuse of an active dog so it could protect your car or dog beds over time.

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Given that Mort is an extremely active… and sometimes destructive… herding mix dog, who better to test out the products than this guy:

This dog bed liner is waterproof and built to last.

Durable waterproof dog bed liner or cover – it will hold up to your active dogs.

So let’s take a closer look at the bed liner and seat cover. And make sure you enter the sweepstakes at the end of this post for a chance to win your very own dog bed liner!

Checking out the Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

You can use the 4Knines Waterproof Dog Bed Liner to either cover or line the interior padding of your favorite dog bed. It is made of a waterproof material, which means that it is fantastic for a household that has dogs (or cats) with incontinence, bladder, or inappropriate urination issues. Yes. We’ve had an angry cat who decided to put the dogs in their place by urinating on the bed (no, it was not a health issue… it really was an angry cat issue). This liner will help your dog bed last longer, and it also means that you can wash the liner instead of trying to clean the entire thing. The dog bed liner is easy to use – all you do is unzip it and throw the bed inside.

I have actually searched for waterproof dog beds, due to the previously mentioned cat issue, and they’re not too easy to find (and often very expensive). I ended up with water repellant beds that have not worked well. The urine soaked through to the interior – pretty gross, right. Luckily this doesn’t happen with this 4Knines waterproof liner, which repels liquids completely (we tested with water, not pee).

Sizing and color

It comes in a bunch of sizes, but I have to say: the XXL dog bed protector is no joke. It’s huge! Check out the photos in this post – it measures 54 inches by 36 inches! I wanted to create a big pet bed that both of my dogs would fit on, and it’s big enough to do that with room to spare. So if you have a Great Dane or another very large breed – this should probably work well for you. There are three different sizes available:

Medium: 27″x36″
Large: 45″x36″
XL (pictured): 54″x36″

It is available in one color at this time, Tan, as seen in the photos. If you’re using it as the outer protector as we are, it’s neutral enough to match with most decor.

Liner as cover: DIY bedding storage and dog bed in one. Genius?

I intended to put a couple dog beds inside of this protector when I received it (the two that don’t repel liquid as they were supposed to!), but I wanted to show another useful option in the blog post.

If you have some comforters or bedding that you need to store, you can do so inside of the bed protector and make yourself a very inexpensive dog bed that also doubles as storage. The waterproof interior will keep your bedding safe, it will be soft and comfy for your dog, and you can also make a bit of extra space in your linen closet to store other things (dogs vote for more treats).

Waterproof lining of this dog bed cover.

Check out this waterproof lining. You can put soft bedding inside too to serve as your bed, if you want to DIY it a bit. Plus it makes more room in your storage spaces for dog snacks, says Mort.

Another use is that when you do need to clean the interior, several smaller pieces are easier to launder than one giant bed (which is often impossible to get into a washer). The draw back is that it can get a bit lumpy and uneven after moving around. A solvable issue though!

How does it test with Mort and Tig? What’s the quality like?

It tested very, very well. In fact, as I was preparing the dog bed protector for this review, I had both of them hopping onto it to lay down before I was ready. Check it out:

The dogs knew this dog bed cover was for them.

This actually happened as I was trying to stuff the bed. They both just stepped over me and lay down on the bed, so I grabbed the camera and they struck a pose.

I moved it to the couch after our photo session, and returned to find Mort curled up in the middle of it. It works! Even the liner on its own is a dog magnet.


Check. I had Mort catching balls and skidding around the surface, and you wouldn’t be able to tell. I haven’t put it through the washer yet, but I can attest to quality materials being used (I sew dog products myself, and have seen and tested a lot of different fabrics, threads, and notions like zippers – this is good quality stuff and should hold up well).


Check. I dumped water on it, and checked the other side – all dry. cough Mort cleaned up the water cough As far as I can tell it will hold up for urine, but I didn’t go as far as testing that. #sorrynotsorry


The bed protectors run between $39.99 and $49.99, depending on size choice. The XL size is shown in the photos here.

Note that they will be on sale for 20% off on Black Friday. Support #smallbiz and head over to their site!

Super durable Pet Seat Cover for the car, too

We were also provided a pet seat cover to try out as well. Mort and Tig are both highly active dogs, and we frequently travel to the beach or dog sport events. They also get car sick (especially Tig who has motion sickness). You know what that means!

Have you been good? This guy is ready to deliver presents to the good dogs out there.

Ready to go deliver treats to good dogs.

We also have some covers for the rear of our car, and a tube they roll in to keep them safe, so we tried out one of the KNines dog seat covers for the front seat of our 2014 Subaru Forester. This heavy duty dog seat cover didn’t let us down – it provides ample coverage for the front seat well, down the sides of the seat, and fastens securely to the seat. The extra coverage is a huge plus. With two dogs who experience car sickness, this is key. But it’s also important because I am extremely messy! The dogs are mainly out and about in the car when we stop and picnic or have a snack in the car, and this seat cover keeps everything clean.

The cover also has a non-slip backing to keep it in place along with those straps – no shifting around. Have problems? There’s a lifetime warranty included for peace of mind.

Straps and non-slip grips keep this pet seat cover in place.

Straps hook to the back of the seat to keep it secure. Also features non-slip grip on the back of the cover.

Protection extends down the side of the seat of this dog seat cover for your SUV.

Protection extends down the side of the seat well too. Very important if you have car sick dogs. Or are messy eaters. We are/have both!


The seat and cargo protectors run between $69.99 (pictured) and $129.99, depending on what you need to cover: from front seat to cargo area. This is a fantastic value given the high quality of the seat cover, and how well it will stand up to heavy, daily use.

Note that they will be on sale for 20% off on Black Friday. Again, this is a great small business. Support #smallbiz and check them out!

Two holiday dogs in costume

Are you ready for the holidays? Check out the 4Knines sale for Black Friday, and also find a bunch of great coupons and deals in our Holiday Guide below!

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How does the waterproof dog bed stack up?

10.0 Awesome

Fantastic quality and actually repels water. Versatile uses, and perfect for active dogs and large dog breeds. Highly recommended by myself and both Mort and Tig. Ten woofs!

  • Quality 10
  • Water repelling powers 10
  • Recognized as dog bed 10
  • Dog magnet 10

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