You might have insomnia, or you might be sleeping with Mort. What does he do at 3am? What is sharing your bed with a dog really like? Learn in the following diagrams what it’s like to share your bed with a dog, particularly if that dog is like Mort.

And I should mention that this post was thoroughly inspired by the Bedtime Fairytales of Koly “sharing” the bed with his human, over at Kol’s Notes. Particularly the latest post in the ongoing saga. I was thinking of it when, just last night, the following event happened with Mort at 3am.

I wake up at about 3am, to this:

share your bed with a dog

Is it an owl? A cat? Nope… it’s just Mort.

I’m not sure if I woke up because he shifted to sit up, or if the creepiness crept into my soul and and nudged me awake. I wasn’t sure what any of this was about until this happened:

share your bed with a dog

Mort moves in for the neck, jams his neck between it and the pillow, and proceeds to sound just like darth vader breathing heavily into the pillow. Personal space, much?

The sound he made was not unlike Darth Vader. And then he decided he wasn’t quite close enough.

share your bed with a dog

Mort then proceeded to continue wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling his nose further underneath. This is sharing your bed with a dog. One who invades your personal space.

It might seem like this dog loves me, but I think it was a bit more about it was cold and always wants more attention than the other dog. At 3am.

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Jen deHaan is graphic designer, small business owner, and dog person living in Bay Area, California. Jen enjoys learning about dog training and behavior, and has taken several courses and seminars since 2010. She also contributes articles to leading websites, such as Victoria Stilwell's Positively . It all started with a great dog called Mikey (aka "dude"), loved and lost but remembered forever. Jen also runs a freelance business focusing on graphic, web, and UI design at FoundPixel, and a small business creating hand crafted dog products at Stylish Canine.

  • Oh Mort! Fortunately (I think) my dogs have no desire to sleep with me. There wouldn’t be much room for me.

    • I’d prefer that from time to time! Tig (that orange blob) switches back and forth between crate, under the bed, nicely at the end of the bed, and pretty much the utter center of the bed as pictured kicking everyone around. Cool 3/4 of the time and the absolute worst 1/4 of the time :)

  • Ruby

    Oh my gosh, this had me rolling with laughter. It made my day! This is exactly what sleeping with my dogs and cats is like!

    Happy B&W Sunday!

  • That is so funny!!!

  • Reminds us of those “what you think sleeping with your dog will be like….how it actually is” that we have seen on facebook! Very Cute!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Lol! Mr. N decided to lick my foot the other day to nudge me to pull up the covers over him. Dogs right?

  • Our dogs aren’t allowed in our bed, because the cats get the upstairs, but sometimes I sleep downstairs with the dogs and it’s painful. Sometimes I end up with at least 3 dogs sleeping on a part of my body and since I’m a well trained human, I don’t move – waking up hours later hot, aching, and exhausted.

    • You ARE a well trained human!! And I hear you about that pain and exhaustion – I’d have to give you the win though, as your pups are all bigger than mine and that’s a lot more dog as a whole! :)

  • Love these drawings! Theo is a great snuggler. Most nights he sleeps downstairs, but when my husband is out of town, Theo sleeps with me or one of the kids.

  • Lily Lau

    Hahaha, Mort’s so hilarious! If it wasn’t only his specialty but all dogs’, I’d have included it in the facts about animals that make one smile ( ), but this Mort’s unique! :)