2014 Holiday Guide for Dog LoversIsn’t being home for the holidays a little bit about comfort? Comfort food, comfy couch, warm in front of the fireplace… for me, it all conjures up images of my youth and contentment. And snow or cold weather, which doesn’t happen where I live now but I can pretend or reminisce I suppose! But what about our dogs? Shouldn’t they be rewarded with something special for the holidays? Of course! And here are a couple of ideas. So here are some holiday gift guide for dog lovers out there – a brief review of a couple of great items from our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide (which you can find at the end of this post) – perfect for those cold winter days. I was lucky to be sent a furniture protector and treats to try out with Mort and Tig!

For dogs who love to lounge (and love pillows): Solvit Sta-Put Furniture Protector Review

Tig is in love with her new bolster couch potato. Find out how much she loves Solvit Bolstered Pet Bed Protector (affiliate link) in our review over at the Internet of Dog Things web site.

Snacks to enhance that lounging experience: Zukes Genuine Jerky

So now that the dogs are ready for the holidays that may include a bit of extra couch surfing, they might enjoy a special treat over the holidays. Zukes Genuine Jerky is made with 100% grass-fed New Zealand beef, and it is naturally preserved without nitrates or nitrites. It is preserved using Mixed Tocopherols, which my research indicates as a safe and healthy option. It can easily break apart into small pieces for training too, and seems to be ample reward for posing for photos.

Zukes Genuine Jerky

It’s meaty and stuff.

Where to buy: Zuke’s Genuine Jerky (choose from three flavors) Affiliate link Price: $7.99

More information and ingredient list: Zukes Genuine Jerky

Check out the 2014 Holiday Guide for more ideas and great coupons!

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Note: I received the products you see above and a small sum in exchange for adding the products to this holiday guide. The opinions expressed on this page are a genuine reflection of my experience with these products. This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage of sales generated from these links.

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