I can guarantee that the following photos will melt even the toughest of you out there. I found the cutest adventure puppy you will ever see. What happened when this Australian Kelpie puppy was taken on an outing to the beach for the very first time? Oh just about the cutest thing possible. Sleepytime adorableness, even after being coated with a wee blanket of sand. It’s without a doubt cute overload for me!

Australian Kelpie puppy during his first beach adventure.

So sleepy after many beach adventures wee puppy is fast asleep before his head even hits the sand! Photo courtesy Ash Cronk-Smith.

He doesn't even care - must catch some ZZZs before resuming fun at the beach. Photo courtesy Ash Cronk-Smith.

He doesn’t even care – must catch some ZZZs before resuming fun at the beach. Photo courtesy Ash Cronk-Smith.

Australian Kelpie puppy asleep in the sand during his first beach adventure.

All tucked in for naptime. And he’s still asleep!!! That must have been a pretty great adventure at the beach! I’m not sure it gets any cuter than this. Photo courtesy Ash Cronk-Smith.

This makes me wish we met Mort (an Australian Kelpie mix) a little bit earlier in his life so I could experience this level of puppy cuteness. His favorite spot on earth is the beach, and I still remember our first visit and his look of “I can’t believe this place!” when we arrived! Have you taken a puppy to the beach? Or remember your first trip with a dog there?

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Photos copyright Ash Cronk-Smith. All photos used with permission and much gratitude.

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  • Kate Obrien

    That is a pretty intense level of cuteness…
    Our Sally loved the beach too although I was always worried about the waves here. Jack & Maggie’s first trip was interesting – they weren’t too enthused but off leash chasing dad was lots of fun!

    • Oh man – yeah those waves worry me too (it’s really my lack of tossing skills when a ball strays off towards the waves – eek).

      Chasing dad is the best! Peter has a game called “crab hands” that really gets serious Tig going at the beach. Should find the video and describe how the game works someday… :)

  • You are right-too much cuteness! <3

  • Oh my gosh, that’s adorable! Beach time can really wear a pup out, but it’s so much fun. Just like Mort, Haley’s favorite place is at the beach. We try to get to the Outer Banks almost every summer for a beach vacation. A couple of years ago, we spent some time on Portsmouth Island, very remote with no amenities. Haley tells me she much prefers a nice cottage rental, but she still had a great time roughing it.

  • Lindsay Stordahl

    I bet Mort was such a cute puppy. I wish I could see puppy pictures of Ace as well.

    I looked through your holiday guide slideshow and that t-shirt made me smile. Rescue ALL the dogs! Love that!

  • I could never imagine living with a Kelpie puppy but oh my gosh is he the cutest thing ever. And I know Mort would have been just as cute – probably even a lil’ cuter as well :)

  • M. K. Clinton

    That definitely needs a cuteness overload warning!