Hi! I’m Mort, and here’s my report.

Hey friends, do I have a Mort Report for you! This report about a brand new discovery, a way to take my regular game of fetch into the darkness of night. I call it Night Fetch. I think you dogs out there will love this fun dog game I “invented”.

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I’m Mort and this is The Mort Report on Night Fetch.

Why Night Fetch?

Because it’s fall and winter now, at least half of the 24 hours you get are pretty dark. I’m a dog who wants to fetch AS MUCH AS CANINELY POSSIBLE! So having fetch available under the cover of darkness? Priceless!

Night Fetch is facilitated by glowing dog toys, such as a Night Ball. If your humans need to know where to get them, tell them you can find them online. There are several different options, but I’m digging this new glowing ball from Chuck It (affiliate link)that my human recently bought for me on Amazon.

Glow Ball from Chuck It glowing in the grass.

The Glow Ball from Chuck It is great for Mort’s Night Fetch! Durable enough for his insanity, too. So far, after at least 45 minutes of play for us. Do heed the reviews, though…

How to play Mort’s Night Fetch

So how do you do Night Fetch with Night Ball? It’s easy. Find a spot that’s deserted and safe. Sometimes these things don’t come hand in hand, so do choose wisely. You might be able to find a fenced area if you’re a dog who doesn’t run right back to your human, or even just use your back yard if you have one.

1. Turn on the ball or other glowy toy.

Mort and the Glow ball from Chuck It.

Turn on the Glow Ball. That’s the first thing you need to do.

2. Get your human to throw it.

Can you see me? No??

Mort leaping through the air for the Chuck It Glow ball.

I’m right here! And you can see my dog trail because I’m so FAST!!!

3. Fun ensues.

The Night Ball bounces in Mort's game of night fetch with the Chuck It Glow Ball.

Look at that colorful bounce!

Pretty easy, no? WOOF!

Oh yeah, that’s right – if your human doesn’t throw it fast enough because she has a camera in front of her face… bark at her. Just woofin’.

See all my photos here!

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Night Fetch at Night

I get extra excited under the cover of darkness. I’m more excited that I can now play after dark, a time when play didn’t seem possible. Do you play after dark? Do you have special toys for it? Let me know what they are in the comments, because I’m a dog who LOVES ALL THE TOYS!

Mort waiting to go fetch his Glow ball.

Look at me waiting to go fetch the ball as dogdad instructed.

Just remember to play safe at night, dogs. Wear a really reflective collar like I have above, or other things that keep you visible when going out at night. My human is planning to put on my lighted “Tron” vest for some more photos, and so she can see me more in the field. We’re adjusting Night Fetch to make it perfect!

Reflective dog collar keeps your dog safe while walking at night.

I gots this really reflective dog collar – super wide so it’s extra visible for when I’m walking at night, or playing fetch in the dark!

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