Today was a walking day in Manhattan, and I came across a cool local spot to take a dog to, and saw a working dog.

About Shake Shack – why so dog friendly?

The Shake Shack is a “permanent” kiosk within a park, and has outdoor dog-friendly seating. But not only that – it has a dog menu:

Shake Shack dog menu

That’s right – you can get your dog his own snack made of custard, peanut butter, and dog biscuits. It’s called the Pooch-ini. Heck, sounds like something I’d try!

Dog friendly outdoor seating at Shake Shack in Manhattan.

For these reasons, it’s a fantastic spot to take your canine companion for a stroll. I heard the food is great from the human menu – but unfortunately I was passing by in the morning before they were open. I have been told to expect lines and a wait when they are open, but the dog menu can be purchased in an express line.

Where to find Shake Shack

Shake Shack’s original location is in Madison Square Park in Manhattan. You can find a map and contact details on this page. They have other locations within the city, and I’ve heard that they also have the dog menu.

Later on the walk, a working dog at the 9/11 Memorial park

This K9 UNIT was at work at the 9/11 Memorial park.

And this cat was at Battery Park, also unimpressed with the mega lines for the ferry.

More photos from today

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And a video, too

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DOGthusiast in Manhattan

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