That’s right. Tig’s WAIT to serve as a dog treat model might be flawless, but it holds no candle to the stealthiness that is Mort. After all, it’s Lamb Lung Puffs. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Lamb lung puff stolen by stealthy dog

Wha’ happened?!

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  • Oh no! LOL! I hope you got another one!! :D They are so cute!!

  • Oh no!! That sneaky little puppy!! This happens all the time in our house too!

  • Poor Tig. At least you were nice about it. When that happens to our home’s senior dog, Wilhelm, there is a snarling dachshund hanging off the face of the thief!

  • Oh Tig, I hope you got another one lol :)

  • Kate Obrien

    Oh dear – I see that scene play out at our house too. Maggie likes to savor her treats and she will chew and then rest, chew and then rest…but if she’s not careful a certain ‘slimdoggy’ will swoop in and walk away with it.

    • It was a bit unfair, because I had her in a “wait” and she was just being a good girl (well… both of them were in waits… someone broke his after I turned my back!)

  • Dolly the Doxie

    Stealth Mort good one! I almost, well I did, bite mom’s fingers doing a treat test the other day! Love Dolly

  • Talent Hounds

    LOL Mort you sneak! Poor Tig. :(

  • Oz theTerrier

    Oh My! Stolen from right under your nose. So not nice. Happy WW

  • Either one of my dogs’ “wait” would not have held through an attack on their Lamb Lung Puffs! They love those way too much!

  • Anu

    Must be a yummy treat if its gets stolen so easily. Happy WW! – Petnet(io)

  • Cathy C Bennett

    Go Mort – you are one swift moving dog – lightening is gonna be your new name!