Hi! I’m Mort and here’s my report! I have to tell you a story about how I was trapped by my #1 fan, a feline and her ceaseless adoration. I don’t really like this fan, or at least I want the world to think that the affection is one sided. And this is the subject for this edition of The Mort Report.

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It started a little like this: I was just minding my own business in my crate. I love the crate, and my girl leaves the door open most of the time so I can go in and out as I please. It’s cosy, it has a soft bed… I love that place!

Unfortunately the evil feline does too. So she did this. HAAAALP!

Can you believe it? I can’t either. She just saw to it to tuck right into my side and chill like it was nothing. And quite frankly, she can be extremely scary at times. I told the girl this with my eyes. And what did she do? She laughed and took another photo!

I’m still shuddering, guys!

Unbelievable! So I sat up and started to plan my escape. It’d be tricky, there was only about 5 inches of clearance above that nasty feline and the top of the crate, and she had me all squished in the back. But it’s no problem for an agile dog like yours truly… so I jumped.

I jumped that cat! No problem! But she wants to report the following:

Yeah, yeah… she won.

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