Hi! I’m Mort and here’s my report! I have to tell you a story about how I was trapped by my #1 fan, a feline and her ceaseless adoration. I don’t really like this fan, or at least I want the world to think that the affection is one sided. And this is the subject for this edition of The Mort Report.

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It started a little like this: I was just minding my own business in my crate. I love the crate, and my girl leaves the door open most of the time so I can go in and out as I please. It’s cosy, it has a soft bed… I love that place!

Unfortunately the evil feline does too. So she did this. HAAAALP!

Can you believe it? I can’t either. She just saw to it to tuck right into my side and chill like it was nothing. And quite frankly, she can be extremely scary at times. I told the girl this with my eyes. And what did she do? She laughed and took another photo!

I’m still shuddering, guys!

Unbelievable! So I sat up and started to plan my escape. It’d be tricky, there was only about 5 inches of clearance above that nasty feline and the top of the crate, and she had me all squished in the back. But it’s no problem for an agile dog like yours truly… so I jumped.

I jumped that cat! No problem! But she wants to report the following:

Yeah, yeah… she won.

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  • Hahahaha!!! That face! Poor Mort, evil kitty.

  • Hmmm! You were very patient though Mort. :)

  • H and Flo

    Haha! You are right to be afraid. When it comes to cats, they a.l.w.a.y.s. win. Flo and Elsie have the claw marks in their noses and rumps to prove it.

  • Oh no! Poor Mort! We have mean kitties, too!

  • In my house, the cats always win. ;-)

    Wags and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  • Emma

    Oh, that is bad! I live with two nasty felines myself. One doesn’t like dogs, so she is easy, but cat bro Bert thinks he is a dog. He is always stealing my window bed and if I sit on him he hurts me with his teeth and claws. Just not fair what they do to us. True abuse!

  • Oh Mort, we feel your pain! Our kitty was very mischievous, too!

  • Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    Good job with the jump, Mort! You may never get your crate back again though! Our dogs sometimes get trapped on the stairs, unable to pass one of the cats blocking the way. It only gets worse with winter on the way. In summer, Sam spends most of her time on the screen porch, but now she’s on the hunt for new places to sleep, and I don’t think the dogs will be safe from her either!

    • Oh yes she plays stairs guard too! She puts on her “Do not pass go, even for $200” face and I have to wait until she goes to sleep so I can pass! xoxo Mort

  • Talent Hounds

    Looks like a cuddle fest in there Mort.

  • beaglesbargains

    Luna wouldn’t have been as calm as you, Mort! We went to the vet this weekend and Luna saw not one, not two, not three, but FOUR, yes FOUR, cats.

    • FOUR?!?!??!?! ?!?!?! Oh noes that sounds horrrible! PLUS being at the vet?! Even worse! I send my sympathies to Luna! xoxo Mort

  • Aw you both looked so sweet in there :)

  • Dolly the Doxie

    OMD Mort! You said it best your crate is comfy and cozy and that’s what attracted the cat, they always know the best places to sleep. I think the cat was very unhappy you left, she wanted to stay warm by you and not have it to herself! Love Dolly

    • She loves me sooooooo much Dolly, I don’t know why (other than I’m super suave and stuff!) I wish she didn’t find me so irresistible because she sometimes scares the imaginary pants right off me! xoxo Mort

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    Poor Mort. There’s a dog that adores Mr. N and follows him around everywhere and he’s like umm you’re kind of creepy. We call her his obsessive fan girl.

  • Dante had this same problem this morning!! I posted his pics on instagram. :-)

  • Chelsea Price

    Oh no, Mort! You look so terrified! Good thing you were agile enough to vault yourself over that territory-invading kitty ;)

  • annstaub

    BOL! That look of yours is just too hilarious Mort. I love this report. That cat of yours just doesn’t seem to care about your comfort one bit ;)

  • Walks With Rama

    This was a great report! You were really cornered! Whew! So glad you made it out safely!

  • Lisa and Stella

    That cat is most definitely invading your personal space Mort! I’d get a restraining order ;) Love from Stella xox

  • Lindsay Stordahl

    Oh gosh! Poor Mort! :) It’s the same story around here. The cats always take the best napping spots. They also like to plop themselves down in the middle of our narrow hallway, which leaves Ace feeling like he can’t sneak by. He usually stands there whimpering and I have to go rescue him from those “mean” cats.

  • I love the cats expression at the end; clearly doesn’t care at all. Mort just wanted to get cozy, why did the scary cat have to ruin it all lol.