Hi! I’m Mort and here’s my report.

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This is a special The Mort Report News report! And because I don’t have a camera, I am goings to draw you what happened! That’s right, you get DRAWINGS BY A DOG in this Mort Report.

The girl tells me that sometimes there are earthquakes. This morning, that’s what happened. It went a little like this: we were all sound asleep, and then we weren’t:

The earth shook - earthquake and dogs!

The whole earth shook for awhile! None of us knew what was going on.

So it was like that for awhile and then it stopped. Us dogs had WTF faces on! And THEN things got weird! Even though it was a time that we ALWAYS sleep, the humans got up and turned the lights on. Then they started talking all animated-like with loud voices, looking at their glowing toys and tapping on them. They said things like “6.0” and “Napa” and “wow that was LONG!” and then they said more words and stuff.

The humans talked and talked all excited-like!

The humans talked and talked all excited-like! They looked at their glowing toy things and then they talked animated some more. As a dog, I didn’t know what it meant.

The humans never talk to each other at this time! So us dogs sat and waited until they stopped and turned off the lights again.

The humans being weird and the world shaking really made me worry (it didn’t really make the other dog worry, but I pay attention and worry). So I needed to use the girl as my pillow for the rest of the night.


I used the girl as a pillow. I don’t think she minded… I don’t think…

And then we woke up and it was all normal again! Actually what happened next was the best! The humans took us dogs to the place I love the most: the beach.

Dog running on beach with toy

The stuff with the dog toys was the best.

Dog balancing on a large piece of wood

I even did some #dogperching!

Two dogs happy on the beach

Both of us dogs are doing good!

So my report to you is this: things were weird, but then they were great!

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