I’m Mort and here is my report! Today I am exploring Sunnyvale’s newest park, Seven Seas Park located in North Sunnyvale’s Morse Park area.

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First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind thoughts last week when I wasn’t feeling too well. I am feeling so much better now! I felt crummy for a couple of days, the girl kept me bored in my crate, but then I started to feel better and now I’m back to normal! The girl says I’m a lucky dog, I say I’m glad to be out and about and having fun doing THINGS!

For this weeks Mort Report, I’m taking it to the streets for a report on Sunnyvale, California’s newest park, Seven Seas Park (here it is on a map)! It’s in my very own neighborhood, and it’s the first park to be built in Sunnyvale in thirty years. Thirty years!! That’s older than me, but not older than my girl! It also offers a lot of dog perching opportunities.

What is dog perching, you ask?

I love dog perching! This is when your human tells you to hop on something, and you hop onto it and balance. A lot of times you wait for your human to take a picture and tell you to hop off of it! I learned how to dog perch on things awhile ago. My girl says how to learn how to do this in these two blog posts here:

Teach your dog to balance on things, Part 1
Dog tricks while balancing on objects, such as a fire hydrant – Part 2

Dog perching makes it so much more fun at the new park!

So tell me about this new Seven Seas Park

This park has been under construction for awhile. It’s on our dog walk you see, and we’ve gone past it for years. First it was a business park for awhile, and it was all fenced up. Once my ball went behind the fence and it was so sad! Then they took away the building and it was dirt for a long time. I really wanted to go run around the dirt, but the girl wouldn’t let me.

Then it turned into construction, and there were so many big machines to watch – it made my hackles go up in excitement! The people worked hard for maybe six months to make this neat new park with all the things to perch on. I watched them from behind the fence.

When will this new park open? I can’t wait to get behind that big fence, folks!

So let’s see the park!

I was so excited when I gots to walk around this Seven Seas Park, and I don’t know what my favoritist thing is. First of all it has so many things that involve balls: tennis balls, basketballs, kids with balls that they are throwing and kicking on a field. It’s everywheres!

Dog balancing on top of a large basketball.

This is me, and I love balancing on things AND I love any type of toy. Basketballs, tennis balls, bouncy balls, soccer balls – you name it! So Seven Seas Park is like a Disneyland to me – so many toys, so many happy people, it’s like a dream come true!

Then there is a place for the dogs! The girl only took me in there a couple times when there were my dog friends in there or no dogs. I LOVED it! I got to run and play! But then my feets hurt and the girl looked at them with worry face. I think it’s because I ran so fast and so much on the ground that was kinda gravelly. So she hasn’t taken me there, but it was great!

Dog in the Seven Seas Park dog run area

This is me in the dog run! It isn’t even a “park” really! It was nice to have but the ground was too rough on my paws and they got holes in them.

And I learned how to drink from a dog fountain too!

Dog drinking from water fountain.

I learned to drink from a fountain!

Then maybe the best part was the balancing places! The girl has found some more places, but let me show you a few things that I balanced on!

Dog balancing on tall objects

Hey look friends! I can balance on things!

Dog dogperching on a rope.

Yeah, I guess this rope is a bit wider than a standard one.

A dog dogperching on a teeter

Dogperching on a teeter with springs? No problem at all.

Dog going down a slide.

I learned that I actually like going down slides. The girl didn’t even ask me to do this. And then I did it again.

Mort standing on a rock with a fake crab.

The park has a nautical theme, so I guess that’s why there’s a crab on the rock! Don’t worry… it’s not real. I pretended it was my great catch of the day though!

Dog dogperching on a large yellow sphere at Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale.

There are big round things to balance on! Very exciting for a dog who likes #dogperching

There are rocks too to balance on! And other toys! And there are also many wildflowers that are pretty to look at and sit by.

Dog sitting next to flowers.

There are pretty wildflowers for dogs to sit next to.

Tennis courts are the best television for dogs like me

Seven Seas Park has a tennis court, and oh my gosh let me tell you what that is. It’s like the biggest box of tennis balls ever. There is a big, big fence and then humans that go inside and hit tennis balls with a loud THWOP sound and they go super fast.

Today there was a man with a machine that shoots balls at him, and he hit them so fast that they stuck in the giant fence! I tried to pull it out with my mouth to the other side, and other humans walked by and laughed and pointed at me! The girl said she wish she had her camera thing. I just wish she would let me in the tennis courts.

So many other things too

There are other places we haven’t been. There is water that shoots out of the ground, and a place with more play things, and then the basketball games that humans seem to always be playing. I want to play too, but the girl doesn’t let me. She says we need a special dog basketball for me to practice with, because I like to bounce the ball off my nose. And the girl says no one wants to play that with us.

Mort the dog standing on a fake rock at Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale.

Just chilling on some kind of fake rock. The girl points at things and I go there, even if they’re fake rocks.

What does your favorite park have?

I think this is my favorite park ever! Well maybe the lake and the disc parks are my favorite, but this one has the best things in it and it’s right by my house in Sunnyvale! So make sure if you’re in the area to check it out, and if you see me there come say hi! What does your favorite park have? What should I perch on next?

Dog sitting on a bench.

Places to eat or talk, or just sit if you’re a dog.

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  • What a cool park to have!! It looks like a lot of fun! And we love that you can balance on so many things!

  • We posted about our favorite balancing park, Jack Block Park, a few months ago. It has a big rope like that for balancing too! Dogs aren’t allowed on playgrounds at City of Seattle parks but Jack Block Park is a Port of Seattle park and all of the fun sea stuff isn’t technically a playground so it’s a great fit dog (or kid) adventure!

    • I’m going to have to check that out! Yeah, I am shocked they didn’t have a “No dogs” bullet on the playground part – we had to make a super early trip to get those pictures because I didn’t want a single kid to be around (there seems to be a higher than average percentage in our neighborhood who are pretty timid or scared of dogs). Adore the urban agility in general – one near or at a port sounds perfect.

  • Wow, it looks like you had a good time. So many places to balance!

    I love the doggy water fountain.

    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  • Emma

    Boy, you are real good at the balance stuff! Looks like a real fun park. We were just at a small park on the weekend.

  • Sue Kottwitz

    So glad you’re feeling better! You are so good at perching – awesome!

  • Dolly the Doxie

    Love the Mort Report! You’ll have to help me think of something similar for me, mom has tried to come up with something with no luck! Love Dolly

  • Jessica Rhae

    That looks like a fun park with lots of obstacles. We have some of those cool drinking fountains with the shorter twin for dogs at the par near our house. My friend’s dogs don’t like to drink out of them though so we still have to bring a bowl with us.

    • The girl was so shocked I did it right away! The other orange dog looked at the fountain like it was stupid… I think she needs a bowl too.

  • Flea

    Mort, you totally rock perching. This has been a great Mort Report!

    • Thank you! Maybe after all that perching the girl will give me some good Jones treats for all that work… to keep my energy up, right?

      • Flea

        One can hope! Cross your paws!


  • Mort, I’m so glad you are feeling better!! That looks like an awesome park! I love all your balancing photos! My girls, Zoe and Phoenix like to balance, too!

    • Thank you! Isn’t balancing so much fun? I just followed you on the Instagrams! We have a hashtag going for perch photos at #dogperching :)

  • Talent Hounds

    Mort your the perfect parkour dog!

  • Terry Cramer

    Mort, you are amazing and so cute!

  • Walks With Rama

    What an awesome blog post! That park looks like a great place! I wish we could go there!

  • Cavy

    I live in southern California now, but I was born in Sunnyvale and it’s so cool to read about what’s going on there!

    The last time I went out there to visit, it was my new dog’s first road trip. We DID go in the tennis courts in a small park when no one was there and let our dogs chase the abandoned tennis balls around (I know; bad human!). The dogs did seem to think it was the best thing EVER though.

    • Hi Cavy! You’d probably be shocked with this particular area of North Sunnyvale – I only became familiar with it when we moved here a few years ago, but even since moving it has changed a lot!

      I’m right there with you on the tennis courts! Mort goes insane for the courts in this new park, because it often includes his favorite thing whipping through the air at a high rate of speed. One teacher had a ball launcher in there, and Mort nearly lost his marbles. A high value spot, indeed! So we have taken them in there a few times after dark when there aren’t many people around and they tear about like loons. Our dogs agree with yours: best thing EVER! (We also did this at the kids play area when the park was empty – really bad human! – Mort was throwing himself down the slide. He loved it!)