I was given an opportunity to try out a new supplement, one that can potentially provide more vitality and energy to aging pets. We have one of those at our house, and her name is Kid. She is a cat, a senior cat. Did SomaPet work? We think it did, because she tried to escape our house and make a run for sweet, sweet freedom.

How did an old, arthritis ridden, IBD suffering cat manage to door dash? Read on, my friends!

Wait. Why is a cat on DOGthusiast?

We’re fortunate to have two active and healthy dogs in our household at the moment, so this review would be most useful and revealing if Kid – our aging cat friend – tried the product instead. And this is because of the benefits SomaPet could potentially provide a less active, and/or senior animal.

Kid with a bucket of SomaPet at our front door.

This is Kid, a senior member of our household. Here she is at our front door, considering making a run for it. Luckily I was in her way, and making her sit nice for a photo for this blog post.

This is Kid, our tuxedo cat who is 13 years old. She is pretty sedentary due to arthritis and IBD, the latter of which is a new condition we’ve been working on since last November (figuring out a good diet for her, as she’s allergic to many things). Because of her age and ailments, we hoped that SomaPet might give her a bit more vitality and help her feel better being so wiped out due to the IBD. And hopefully help her aches and pains due to the arthritis.

This product is good for dogs too! I have some links to dogs using SomaPet below, and I’ll update this post with links to reviews about dogs using this product as I find more.

What is SomaPet, and why would I give it to Kid?

SomaPet contains a unique combination of eight amino acids that are designed to improve the energy level and overall health of pets. Amino acids are an essential part of an animal’s diets, just like it is for ours, and can help so many different aspects of our health. This is what makes SomaPet so important and useful for an aging pet: these amino acids aid in the healing, repair, and regeneration of cells. And of course, all of the ingredients in SomaPet are completely natural, no additives or fillers here.

So because of the proprietary blend of amino acids, you can potentially see a healthier coat, skin improvements, reduction in body fat, improved immune function, nervous function, and increased energy. I might need to try some of this stuff myself! They make it for people, too.

SomaPet logo

What happened after we started using it

We have added SomaPet powder to Kid’s food for a few weeks, ever since we received our sample from SomaPet. We started with smaller amounts and then incremented it up to the full dose. Kid is not in prime condition because of her age, IBD and arthritis.

I have noticed some increased energy from her in general, like pestering me to fill her bowl on a more frequent basis. But more notably, we had a couple specific and rather unusual-for-her incidents. What did she do? She sauntered out the door a couple times, planning on joining us on the dog walk. I think one of those times you could call it a door dash – she was making an honest run for it! This of course triggered Mort’s instinct to chase and stop the cat (luckily it was a stop and not a chomp!). I don’t think Kid cared for that too much, regardless.

This isn’t her usual behavior of patiently sitting or curling up on the top of the stairs waiting for us near the front door – she trotted right down the stairs, and out the door, planning on joining the walk. Not too bad for an arthritic and poopy cat.

Of course, once Kid crosses that threshold she is an “outside cat” to Mort regardless of how fast she’s moving, a suddenly different type of cat. Best to have her stay inside!

Dog checking out cat at front doorway

Mort checking out Kid: Are you the outdoor cat version of you?

Dog licking cat sitting at front doorway.

Ah, nope – it’s you! Not the outdoor version of cat, you haven’t crossed the doorway quite yet.

Will we keep using SomaPet? If we can, yes. I am going to have to stop using it for awhile to see if it’s the reason of Kid’s IBD acting up again. It’s really hard to tell because so many things can be the potential cause, and it might not be SomaPet. But it could be, so we need to sort that out first. While I don’t want her running outside, I do love how she seems to be feeling better and a bit back to her old self!

Sure, sounds like it could help my pet too

You can find SomaPet on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Learn more about SomaPet at their FAQ page, and if you like science here’s some more information on how SomaPet works.

What about a few dogs using SomaPet?

Here are links to dogs using SomaPet, and I’ll add more here as I find them.

Sallie tries SomaPet

The fine print

This post is sponsored by SomaPet and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about SomaPet, but DOGthusiast.com only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. SomaPet is not responsible for the content of this article.

Kid might just make another run for it!

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