Hi! I’m Mort and here’s my report.

The Mort Report

The Mort Report

Skateboards: I gots one!

This weekend was a particularly good one. It started out with fireworks, but I don’t care about those. I guess I’m a lucky dog because the other dog seems a bit concerned about them. I don’t know why. But the girl bought me a present, and I love things that come home in the car! This one was all for me!

I got a skateboard! The girl got this for me! Do they make kneepads for dogs?

But check out how excited I was when it first came home!

Me checking it out!

See I’m a pretty crazy kelpie. Neighbors totally love me!

Swimming: I don’t swim so good in blue water but I tried

The next day the girl and the boy drove me out to a place called “Dock Diving”. I whined for most of the ride there becuase I knew it was going to be GOOD. They put my toyz in the car and both of us dogs in the tube, and that always means a good thing will happen when we get out. So I thought I’d remind them to drive fast for an hour. I think they were so happy I was reminding them to get to the fun place fast! (Editors note: No, no we were not happy about the whining. At all.)

So we gots out and guess what! It was a new place entirely! This new place had my dog friend Vader at it too. There was a huge lake-like thing my girl calls a Dock Diving and my toys went into it, and the girl thought I should go into it to fetch the toys.

This dog is NOT me! Maybe one day but not today, friends.

Yeah, it was this. That dog is NOT me. In fact, there are no pictures of me doing this because… I didn’t really do it like the other dogs. The water is not like the lake place at all! It’s clear and I can see it’s so DEEP!

The girl helped me, and so did another man I did not know. I barked at him a little to tell him I was a bit concerned about his hat and sunglasses, but he was OK and pushed my bum into the water. And I swimmed without my swimmy vest even! I got the ball, and I got up a ramp and out of the pool!

The girl made me do this a few times, and then we just watched the other dogs and played some agility. I did the teeter, no problem, and I never dids a big teeter before ever! The girl made a big smile at me!

This dog is not me, either.

Searching: I dids a “Barn Hunt”

The next day the girl took me back to that place, and oh boy was it exciting. We played with the toys and I saw my dog friend Ninja! Ninja is a border collie and we’re both FAST. Maybe Ninja is even faster than me, I loves Ninja.

The girl took me into a spot where I had to pick a tube with a rat inside. They think they hide them in the tubes, but oh boy it didn’t fool me. I went right to the one and my eyes went big and I started digging at the tube telling the girl ITS HERE! ITS IN HERE! The girl said RAT and everyone was happy with us. So happy with us! I was such a smart boy.

I don’t know if I really qualified for anything. I guess I qualified for Novice because I passed the instincts test? Let’s go with that one!

So then we did it again later, and it was harder. Well, for the girl. So now I had to go under these big squares of hay, and over hay, and around hay. The girl pointed to places and I went to them. Then I found the rat! I dug my nose into the hay, and I sniffed at it. I even made a hole to the rat using my nose poking at the hay. I looked at her, but my girl didn’t say RAT! So I thought I’d just go look at other things, and then we stopped. A lady took us back to the rat and showed the girl, just like I did! The girl slapped her forehead and called herself a “handler error.” I don’t knows what that means. But she said I was such a good boy when we looked at the rat again, and everyone was so happy.

I just don’t know why the rat has to be in his rat house! I wish the rat would come out to play.

Then we went home. The boy and the girl think I should be tired, but I’m not. I’m never tired. I just wait for the next adventure! Find out my next adventure in next week’s The Mort Report.

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  • Emma

    Sounds like loads of fun. We have heard a lot about those barn hunts lately, but haven’t heard of any in our area. Being scent hounds, I bet we would enjoy them. Great report, Mort.

    • Thank you @disqus_idBDzxzkIC:disqus! The girl says there’s a map here http://www.barnhunt.com/club-map/ and sometimes there’s “fun” or “unofficial” ones that aren’t on the map that you can search for. She says it’s a new sport so hopefully more of us dogs will be doing it soon :) xoxo Mort.

  • Flea

    Mort, it looks like you had a great weekend! My Chewy would LOVE the rat thingy. He catches mice and rats in the back yard and brings them into the house. I always praise him for being a good boy!

    • Mr Chewy would be perfect, he would loves this! He would probably be so quick and beat all the other dogz. My girl isn’t too good at listening when I tell her RAT, she needs to work on that. Maybe Chewy can help her too! xoxo, Mort.

  • Talent Hounds

    Looks like you were busy this weekend Mort – thanks for the report! ;)

    • My pleasure @talent_hounds:disqus! If I get to have fun in order to write reports, I’ll keep writing them!! xoxo Mort

  • What a lucky dog you are! That was a lot of fun for one weekend!

  • Tenacious Little Terrier

    You and Mr. N would be friends. He’s never tired either. He just naps until the next activity. Plus he loves herders!

    • Mr. N you should come over! I am a herder, we can be best budz! My girl thinks I’m a herder-terrier maybe, but I’m 100% dog who wants to play! xoxo, Mort.

      • Tenacious Little Terrier

        I don’t think we’re headed to your neck of the woods anytime soon but if you’re ever in Portland… Mr. N has all the terrier energy so he appreciates that herders can keep up!

  • Looks like it was a fun and busy weekend. Mort has the best smile; in fact he seems to be smiling at all times, he seems like one happy dog.

    • I am so happy! And sometimes I get super worried and sometimes super scared, but then I get really happy again! My girl says I am a dog of x-tremes! xoxo, Mort.

  • His reaction to the skateboard is what I imagine my Faolan’s would be. Nice job on the nosework!

    • I was so crazy!! Maybe Faolan need’s a skateboard too if they make them Faolan-size. All dogs on skateboards! xoxo, Mort.

  • Kate Obrien

    Thanks for the report Mort. It’s always good to read about your adventures and it sounds like you sure had a lot of them this week!

    • It was so fun! I think the girl is going to have to do this every weekend now. I can’t wait to see Jack at a dock, I heard he’s visiting one soon!! xoxo, Mort.

  • Loved this! Sounds like you had quite a blast at everything! Haha at the “never tired.” Even after the swimming? Mort, you are one high-energy, crazy Kelpie indeed! I never thought Kronos would get tired lol But after his first turn swimming, his eyelids start drooping. I told him I guess he’s not as high energy as I thought he was-especially compared to the other dogs in class who bark non-stop in their crates and come out dragging their handlers to the dock. Kronos tried that the first day, but I told him I didn’t appreciate the pulling, and that he could mind his manners and save that for the dock. Can’t wait for the next Mort Report! <3

    • I never gets tired! Well, I did one time and the girl got worried something was the matter with me, so I promised her never to get tired again. Oh, oh oh I’m good at not having manners!! I’m really good at invading personal space too!! xoxo, Mort.

      • I don’t believe you about the manners and personal space! You were quite the gentleman at BlogPaws! ^.^

  • nailahbone

    What an eventful week you had! :) I love the photos of the dock diving, makes me sad that we don’t have anything like that here. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

    • Thanks, it was so much fun! Hopefully someone will get a dock and pool close by to you, it is kinda fun. The girl also managed to find a farm once that opens up for dogs to use, and it had a pond and a dock that was so fun! xoxo, Mort

  • Stacey Van Horn

    Great report … what an exciting weekend you had! You skateboard looks awesome and can’t wait to see you riding it. Dock diving looks like a great way to get exercise in this heat but I have never heard of any local … too bad. Congrats on the great job with your nosework :)

    • Thank you @staceyvanhorn:disqus! I can’t wait to be riding my new skateboard too – I can hop on and off it and push it a little with my paws. It seems fun! xoxo, Mort

  • Lindsay Stordahl

    Wow, Mort, you get to do so many fun things! I am surprised you weren’t tired after all that! I always wanted to try dock diving with Ace. I think he would also need a little push to get in the water because he’s kind of a wimp about jumping off docks when we go to the lakes.

    • Yep, it did help! I think for some dogs it isn’t good (the girl says the sites say not to do it), but the man with the hat gave me the nudge and it was just what I needed to know it was good to go and I didn’t need to try to get the ball with my paw I should hop in and get it with my mouth instead!