So many favorite active dog photos on Instagram! We have seen some fantastic entries into the #dogthusiast hashtag too – keep them coming, and make sure that you follow my StylishCanine account so I can follow you back and see your photos in my stream! Some that we’ve seen coming in to #dogthusiast are already queued up for next week – don’t worry, they’re on deck!

This week we wanted to celebrate our surfing dog friends in a special edition of Wordless Wednesday (which, of course, has a few words. Comparatively-wordless-Wednesday I guess we could call it!) So the surfs up for these dog friends on Instagram.

Our dog friend Haole is a surfing lab in Ventura, CA. Check out his style in this fantastic video – can you believe it? He belongs in the surf.

OK, one more, check this out:

Jedi is an Australian Kelpie buddy down in Huntington Beach, in Southern California, that has our Mort incredibly inspired and ready to employ his balancing skills. Because they match. Kelpie surf style ahoy:

Abbie is another Kelpie who rides waves, and has Mort smitten and ready to haul a board out to the beach. Good thing he can’t drive. Because he says those fire hydrants are now looking pretty darn boring compared to what these dogs are balancing on! Check out this outstanding video of Abbie catching a wave:

Here’s what you can do to be featured on DOGthusiast’s Instagram faves. We’re looking for dogs who are being active in some way – running, leaping, sports, hiking, even out for a walk is cool too.

1. Follow Stylish Canine on Instagram (not @dogthusiast on Instagram – it’s us but we’re not active there!)
2. Hashtag your active dog photo(s) with #dogthusiast.

Optionally tag @StylishCanine on the photo to make sure I see it! I follow the #activedog hashtag, #dogthusiast hashtag, and photos in my daily feed to find photos for this feature! Thanks for participating!

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