The Mort Report

Hi, I’m Mort and here’s my report.

The Mort Report logo

You may have noticed, the girl made me a logo. I mean, it kind of looks like me but I really wish that she would have thrown my toys instead of staring at that screen on Friday night. It would have been a lot more fun!! But I guess it’s kinda neat to have a me that’s not me, but me.

Anyway, on to more important things to report.

I’m happy

That’s right, I’m a super happy dog. I’m pretty rough and tumble and I’ve lost teeth and I’ve lost some of my insides and had to be put back together… and I’m only three… but I’m HAPPY! I mean, every day is pretty neat even if there aren’t toys being thrown but when toys are taken out and tossed? The BEST! Look at me here on Saturday, when the boy and the girl finally walked down to the big park to play instead of staring at their screenz:

Mort at the park and a big lens flare.

It’s me and a big lens flare sun at the park on Saturday.

Pretty great, right? So here’s what I have to say.

Just take it in stride, and enjoy having the toys taken out

I mean, I have to chill sometimes too. I mean I’m always HAPPY and LOVE LIFE but life doesn’t always love me! I have to wait on the couch, and sometimes when the girl can’t watch me I have to go in my house (editors note: This is the crate). I had a bone poke through my intestines, but that only slowed me down for a day. I pulled that girl out of the ICU place with my pain meds still in a needle taped to my arm and I sniffed and pulled and checked the storm drains for racoons and wanted to hop on things but she didn’t let me (what gives?!) These things are all not my bag if I had to choose. I mean, I’m MORT! I like to PLAY!

But when the times are good, LOVE IT! And just love life. So just do it. Because we’re not here forever you know, and we don’t get a second go. I’m only three and almost got my out a few times. So when the orange ball is tossed into the boy’s pocket and we walk to the big park, LIVE IT. Even if it’s just a boring old park in a mediocre neighborhood!

Mort the dog doing a handstand.

I did a handstand while trying to catch the ball. I think I missed it, but I had fun trying!

Mort trying to catch a ball in the air. He missed.

Look at me all crazy-legs in the air. I think I missed this one too! Come on, me!

Mort the dog grabbing a frisbee while vaulting off a back.

I practice jumping over my girl! She holds the frisbee and I jump on her back, grab it, and jump off. Fun!!

And then the beach, yes us dogs at the beach

As if it couldn’t get any better, OHMIGAWD the humans actually took us on the long car ride to the BEACH this weekend. I don’t know if you know, but when we go to the beach I start huffing the air before we even get close to the beach. I put my dognose to the edge of the crate and start going SNNNNOOOOOORRRRKKKKKKKK because I start smelling the salt air and know what’s about to happen.

Here’s how annoying my whining sounds. I am VERY annoying to let the humans know to drive faster. The girl says “good thing he only does this within a half mile of the beach” and the boy says “don’t make me turn this car around.”

Want to know how great the beach is though? It’s THIS!

Mort with his ball at the beach.

The BEACH! The Beach. And I only see my ball the entire time. We get there, I run for five seconds, and then I wonder where my toys are at. I just love the toys at the beach more than anything else.

A dog leaping on the beach.

The girl and the boy sat on a plank of wood, and some dogs came running over to see what was happening. This dog hovered!

Two dogs running through water

This dog, Luna, thought it would be fun to run with me. I think Luna wanted my ball, but she was good and didn’t take it!

Mort in a wave at the beach.

Don’t do this at home, kids! The girl says this was an accident because it’s dangerous for dogs, but it was actually kinda fun. I am pretty x-treme.

Tig an English Shepherd and a Corgi at the beach

And hey look, even Tig had fun with a Corgi she met! I ignore all the other dogs, I only see the ball. She likes to meet the other dogs. Actually… I’m just learning now that there were other dogs at the beach! I only saws that one that wanted my ball.

I told you, pretty great. And even better because I got really, really dirty!

Mort is all sandy on the beach.

I told you the sand was EVERYWHERE!

Life is this. THIS. This is what I mean. You just run, you live, you enjoy. Because sometimes life is being in a crate. Sometimes it is this. So don’t whine in the crate, just make the crate kinda cool for you and then do things like take the long car ride to the beach. Don’t forget to do that, you know? Because life is this. It’s getting sand all over you and smelling the salt air, and just being content and free and happy.

Don’t forget the beach! Put that wine glass down and go to the beach.

And send your big dog hugs to loved and lost Leo

I am usually so happy, but I also kinda have a big dog sad too. I never met him, but was good virtual dog friends with Leo, one of the Groovy Goldendoodles who was a fellow ball obsessed dog like me. My girl drew a picture of him for his dogmom, and we all loves his dogmom Cathy who is a really, really nice human. And Leo is suddenly now on the rainbow bridge with my girl’s heart dog Mikey Dude that also went suddenly to the rainbow bridge. We love Leo, and Tig and me and my girl hope that all of you will send your love to Leo and Cathy, and have your rainbow bridge dogs go give him a paw bump and tail wag up there in dog heaven.


This is Mort, and here is his report.

The Mort Report

PS: My girl said to say this post is dedicated to Leo, and she says to remind everyone to enjoy every day with your dogs. Even if it’s not many days, you know they’re all good. And even if it’s not many days, they’re all worth it even the pain of losing us dogs. Hug us dogs, play with us, and love us. Because life is unexpected, but life is good and being together makes it even better.

Nub wags and a lick, love from Mort.

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