This is Mort, and here is his report.

The Mort Report


Hi! I’m Mort and here’s my Report!

This weekend I helped my human with her boxes and boxes of stuff. We haul it to a place, set it up all fancy, and then we wait for people to come and take some of it away.

Mort in front of the Stylish Canine dog collars.

Am I hired as your salesdog?


Me and the other dog, a big orange dog called Tig, wait in our house under the table for fun time outside of the house.

Shove over, orange dog! Mort and Tig in their “house”.


As you can see above, someone is a crate hog. She eventually moved over, but she likes to remind me that she’s the bigger dog. I usually don’t mind being in the crate, but sometimes I did bark at people when the big orange dog wasn’t there to keep me safe. The human says its because I’m under a table and I seem to not like being under tables alone too much. I think maybe she’s right. She says “I think we need to work on this, bud” but I’m not sure what she means by that…

Not too many people came to take things out of  the place, so the human girl took me around to do things. Fun things!  She points at things and says “that one” and I jump on it and pose. Then she holds a fun play thing over her head so I look at her, and then she tosses the fun play thing at me!  I don’t understand the human girl sometimes, but it is a lot of fun.


Mort standing on a rock in a fountain.

I like to stand on things, even rocks in the middle of a fountain.

Mort sitting at a table.

She had me wait for lunch. It never appeared.

Two dogs at the fountain.

Me and Tig at the fountain. She’s a bit camera shy.

Mort in front of the horse sculpture at Canada College in Redwood City, CA.

There was a horse sculpture. I wasn’t asked to #dogperch on top of it.

Two dogs, one set of stairs, photo opportunity.


We also met lots of people who gave me food stuffs! We walked around and because there weren’t many other people or dogs, they ALL wanted to give ME the food!  It was great!  The girl made me do my tricks like standing and walking, twirling, and catching things in the air and the people gave me more food! It was so great I wish you all could have seen it.

Then it was time to go home. You wouldn’t believe how noisy the car ride is on days like this when the humans put so many things in the car!  I don’t like it too much, but I was a little bit sleepy (for me), so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

The next one of these places we go to is going to have a dog parade. A dog parade!  It sounds like something where I might get a lot of attention, and attention is my favorite!  What should I wear?

That was my report. Thanks for listening!

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