Hi, my name is Mort and here’s my report.

This is Mort, and here is his report.

The Mort Report

This weekend my human used me as a model. She needed to take a bunch of photos for this cape thing that she made. I’m not sure why, but she has buckets of these sorts of things in the house that I like to try and get in. Something about putting them online for other dogs. I dunno.

I was just trying to help. Repeatedly. I mean, she said she needed them! But my human didn’t let me keep doing this for some reason. She’s weird sometimes.

Sometimes she puts pieces from these buckets around my neck and gets out a toy and her camera. I’m not sure why I need the thing around my neck, but it is a ton of fun. I actually know when she comes walking towards me with these pieces of cape that fun is about to happen, the next step is always getting a ball or a frisbee, so I get pretty excited.

We went to the park, and THIS happened! It was a ton of fun because I love to run and play.

Mort flying in his super dog cape

Kicking it in the air!

Getting groovy on the field!

Mort in his super dog cape, catching some air.

Super dog making some air going after the dog

Mort landing in his super dog cape

Coming in for a landing

Mort in his super dog cape

A happy super dog!

Mort getting air.

Mort getting more air with his super dog cape!

Mort in his super dog cape

Mort really is some kind of super hero.

She took a lot of photos. She said 3000. I don’t know how many that is, but we got to play for a long time so I guess it’s a lot. Here’s the album of some of those photos (below)… it’s a lot of ME!

And that’s the end of my Mort Report.

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You can find one at Stylish Canine! Head to StylishCanine.com/costumes to find a cape. More styles coming soon!

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