Our trip to the BlogPaws Conference 2014 took us from Sunnyvale to Henderson, just south of Las Vegas. We planned to check out the Red Rock Canyon State Park on the way there (and have a stop or two planned for our trip back).

Road trip from Sunnyvale CA to Henderson NV

Road trip from Sunnyvale CA to Henderson NV

We were all packed up with someplace to go!

Packing up ready to go with the dog too

All packed up! Mort is wondering “what is going on? It’s WAY too early to be doing things!”

Check the temperature where you plan to make stops

It’s important to check the temperature when traveling with your dog. This will help you figure out if it’s a good idea to let your dog on pavement, or take along some booties if you do.

Luckily for us it was a cool day – even out in Mojave where we planned to stop, temperatures remained in the mid 70s. Cool. For there.

Another tip – wear sandals so you can easily check how warm the pavement is with your bare foot to simulate a paw. Leave your foot on the pavement for a good 10 seconds.

Lots of pit stops

Traveling with a dog means pit stops. We took a couple pit stops for gas and food, and Mort got to stretch his legs and sniff the smells. He was really amped up being in some place “new” – excited, a bit anxious, and a lot interested in the surroundings.

We stopped in Mojave for some lunch and a brief stroll and some water:

In Mojave, CA for a pit stop on the way to Henderson NV

Then we went up to Red Rock Canyon State Park, just north of Mojave in California for some photos and a lot more water!

Mort at Red Rock Canyon State Park

Well hello there! I found us some red rocks!

Red Rock Canyon State Park near Mojave, CA This dog will work for a tossed stick!

After the park, we headed straight to the hotel in Henderson, Nevada. Another spin around the hotel to get situated, and expel a bit of excess energy. Oh and dinner (freeze dried raw – since we’re on the road!). Dinner is important!

Outside for a stroll, some fun after 10 hours in the car, and then in for dinner! Good times.

An evening event

Mort got dressed up for the Bissell reception at the BlogPaws conference.

Dressed and ready for fun at the Westin Lake Las Vegas!

Highlights according to Mort:
* Cats. Mort made me put this first. There were cats, and they were (apparently) supposed to be intensely stared at. And their crates were to be sniffed. It was remarkable to find cats where there were so many dogs, says Mort.
* Dogs. Lots of them.
* Fire in the middle of water. It was strange and fascinating to look at. It didn’t make sense!
* Crumbs. To be found everywhere, and very delicious.

Mort says this wasn’t a highlight:

Wasn't really digging the glasses!

Wasn’t really digging the glasses!

And then he was exhausted and ready for bed!

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