This week, a Petbox was dropped on our doorstep. What is Petbox? PetBox is a monthly service that lets you choose what products you would like to receive each time. This is different from some of the other subscription services available. We received our PetBox with a surprise selection of products to try out, courtesy of PetBox. And we thought we’d let you know about a few useful products we found inside, and also post a few fun photos of the unboxing.

When there is a thud followed by a doorbell, Mort knows it’s time to go crazy because something just arrived that might involve food or toy. It just so happened that this delivery involved both! Were we to receive these every month, I’m pretty sure this crazy kelpie would know the specific thud and of course bright blue box that arrives with wonderful things within.

So what was in the box? First Mort had to try to be patient for a few photos:

Mort waiting to unbox the PetBox.

It’s hard to be patient when he knows there are great things inside the box!

Mort sitting next to the PetBox.

Mort next to the PetBox, being asked to sit nicely before rummaging around inside!

And the unboxing revealed some great things in store! A few of our favorites included:

Mort rummaging around the contents of the Petbox he received.

Unboxing the Petbox and rummaging around the contents! One of our favorites was The Fifth Paw Hands Free Doody Free

  • The Fifth Paw Hands Free Doody Free: A really cool accessory for leashes that lets you clip a poop bag to the leash so you don’t need to carry it in your hand. After years of tying part of the bag to the handle, this makes things a LOT easier!

  • Urine Off: We have not tried this yet, but are very happy to have it around. I probably don’t need to elaborate about why!

  • In Clover Glow Dog Treats: All-natural special dog treats to help with skin and coat, using a patented formula and 13 essential vitamins and nutrients. The dogs both pined for these treats until I opened the bag!

Mort in a bowtie.

He also received this bowtie. Looking rather dapper!

What would you want in your PetBox? Treats, toys, a bit of both, or would you want them to just surprise you?

Disclosure: DOGthusiast was sent the above Petbox for this review. We were not compensated in any other way.

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  • I just recently signed up for PetBox. I cheated and picked my own the first month though. I think I will be surprised this next time.

    • Yeah I\’m not too sure what we\’d do next time! Or perhaps switch each month – evens, choose; odds, surprise :)