This will be the first time DOGthusiast goes to the BlogPaws conference, but the conference has a fantastic history of fun, awards, and lots and lots of pets. I don’t have a conference to “Throwback” about yet, but I can search for some stories of conferences past (and of course, check out the other posts that are part of the ThrowbackThursday blog hop for more – scroll to the bottom to find the links!)

So I’m putting on my spectacles and stretching my Google searching muscles to bring you a bit of research about what happened at previous BlogPaws conferences.

The locations

  • BlogPaws 2013 was in Tysons Corner, VA
  • BlogPaws 2012 was in Salt Lake City, UT
  • BlogPaws 2011 was in Tysons Corner, VA
  • BlogPaws 2010West was in Denver, CO
  • BlogPaws 2010 was in Columbus, OH

I see a pattern. I wonder where next year will be? Will the pattern hold?

The people and pets

There were amazing people to meet, pets to see and photograph, and even flat pets if the dimensional ones are left at home. Here are a few photos of past events, with many more available to see on Flickr.

Handsome Pitty Boy by Average Jane

Flat Pets by Average Jane

Horsing around by Andrea Arden

Oh yeah, and food:

Food too. Photo by by Average Jane

The stories, the awards from BlogPaws of Yesteryear

A lot happened at all of the conferences, to be sure. Here is a recap of 2011, which featured a hurricane, and the awards won by lucky bloggers. You can watch this video recap of the 2012 awards, or check out this photo-rich recap of the 2010West BlogPaws conference. And of course, 2013 winners can be found here.

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  • Oh that cheesecake looks sinfully delicious…..! Can’t wait to meet everyone and mingle at BlogPaws! :D

    • The cheesecake really stood out to me too – and I noticed it in a couple different shots from different years… so I hope it\’s a trend :)The other thing I just noticed? Garish conference carpet in two different photos. Will have to check out what the Westin has in store for us!

  • dollythedoxie

    Wow you really did your research! Oh, and the cheesecake is – wait for it – legendary, its all I heard about before going last year. This year mom is on low card diet, we’ll see how long it lasts! Love Dolly