What do you want to hear about at the BlogPaws Conference 2014? DOGthusiast is headed to the conference in Las Vegas, and doesn’t plan to let what happens there stay there. We’re planning a series of posts that cover our trip to the conference, and the people, companies we meet, and the sessions we attend during the conference. Get ready for photos, stories, and liveblogging useful tips about blogging and social media.

Exposing everything that happens at the BlogPaws conference in Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas at BlogPaws isn’t going to stay there. #BlogPawsExposed

BlogPaws Conference 2014: Exposed means #BlogPawsExposed

We’re ready to dish what happens on our way to, and during, BlogPaws Conference 2014. This is what we hope to have in an upcoming blog series:

  • The roadtrip. Mort, my Mom, and I are headed from the San Francisco Bay Area to Las Vegas. We might hit Death Valley, Red Rocks near Mojave, and a few other sights along the way. Yeah, most of it is desert. Mort should help make it a bit more entertaining.
  • The events. We’re going to events, and we’re taking pictures and meeting people. But I plan to be the crazy animal stalker mostly. Plan for a bunch of animal photos. It should be fun.
  • The people. I plan to meet a bunch of interesting pet bloggers and companies. I’ll post interviews during the conference – video (I hope!) and text. Going and want to get featured? Let us know!
  • Liveblogging. We’ll liveblog sessions. Get the notes from the event while it happens! I have liveblogged tech conferences, now it’s time to liveblog a pet conference!
  • Quotes. We’ll be posting them on Twitter. Watch for it!
  • Pictures. We’ll be posting them on Instagram!
  • Mort. He’ll be my sidekick, and he’s nuts.

A dog is in tow. Mort means insanity.

That’s right, Mort is headed to BlogPaws Conference 2014 in Vegas – and lets just say this crazy Kelpie is all about the antics.

This dog really REALLY wants to play with toys!

This dog is really insane.

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