Dogs get worms, and from time to time we need to deworm them. But what is a safe, natural way to deworm dogs? In this post I explore a few alternatives, but as always, it’s important to consult with a holistic veterinarian regarding these options and what you should use with your dog.

The question

Can you use garlic to deworm dogs as long not too much..and can it kill them… ive boughten stuff at store ..but dont seem to b working

My advice about safe ways to deworm dogs

I wouldn’t use garlic on its own myself in a large amount to deworm dogs, because as you mention it is toxic in large amounts and I would worry too much about the risks of an overdose given there are safer alternatives. And if it’s not working as it is, I’d simply move on to something else.

To deworm dogs, I might instead look into dichotomous earth, certain herbs, or pumpkin seeds for a natural alternative. You can find safe and natural products online (some of which include garlic), or recipes to prepare yourself – but do make sure you find the proper ingredients if you make it yourself (there are different kinds of dichotomous earth, and some should be avoided). You could also consult local raw food co-ops, who often carry natural and safe deworming products. We found a great one for our cat from our local raw food provider containing pumpkin seed and dichotomous for intestinal parasites including giardia.

I would also recommend running any recipes and product specifics by a holistic vet to give you the proper dosage for your dog, or any concerns about potential allergies or interactions if your pup is on any medications or a special diet. And especially if your diet contains any of the ingredients you use for deworming already, so you can get the portions correct.

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