I was recently approached to try out a Pet Photo pendant from Everlasting Memories. These pendants come in a variety of different styles, and are engraved with a photo of your pet (or you and your pet!). I had been considering something of this nature to remember Mikey by, so I took them up on it and gave it a try.

For the pendant style, I chose the silver bone shaped pendant – I am a bit of a sucker for the dog tag style, and also felt this overall shape would best fit the image I had in mind. The photo I chose was this one of Mikey, as it captured an expression that I absolutely loved of his:

Mikey dude the dog

Mikey “Dude” and I – we really loved each other

For the engraving, I chose a short phrase about Mikey that was to be placed on the back of the pendant.

And here is how the necklace turned out:

Dog on a pet photo pendant

Mikey on the silver bone pet pendant

Dog on a pet photo pendant

Mikey on a the photo pendant

Pet photo pendant with chain

The 22 inch pendant chain is a good length for this size of pendant

The inscription on the back

pet photo pendant

Inscription on the back of the pendant: My heart dog | Mikey “dude” | Lost but loved forever

The image was lightly edited to fit on the pendant I chose, and have Mikey stand out. I am very happy with how they modified the photo for the pendant and the overall quality of the product. More thoughts follow!

Bottom line on the Pet Photo pendant

I am so happy with how the engraving on the necklace turned out, and also with the overall quality of the product. My husband was impressed too. The engraving is highly detailed – it looks exactly like our Mikey dude as you can see from the photos above. I also love how it isn’t too overt – the photo is obvious when the light hits the image a certain way. The details of the engraving were easily viewed few feet away when I was wearing it. But at the same time, it doesn’t look like I have a giant photo hanging around my neck either. The engraving is subtle enough to give the necklace a quality, classy look. I can dress the necklace up if I’m actually going out somewhere, or wear it with something very casual (most of the time!), but either way the necklace doesn’t look out of place.

The charm is sturdy, which is important to me as I’m generally rough on things I wear on a regular basis. I like the chain that came with the necklace (upgraded to the 22 inch chain – I would recommend this length), but I also appreciate how the pendant itself could support a thicker chain if you chose to wear it with one – the loop is wide enough to support swapping it out with any number of things.

A Pet Photo pendant is a lovely way to remember a lost pet, or show your love for your current pets. The pendant itself is about $40, with a small upgrade fee for the longer chain. I feel this is a fair price considering it is a customized product, and given the quality of what you receive.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below!

Note: DOGthusiast was provided this product for free in exchange for a review. This review contains our honest opinions and reactions to this product. We were not provided any other compensation for this review.

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