Now that the days are longer and the weather is warmer… and a certain somebody needs to get into better shape… the dogs and I are jogging around our lousy (for jogging) neighborhood several times each week. Eventually we hope to return to jogging every day, like I used to do with Tig when we lived on the edge of San Francisco and ran around Lands End with views overlooking Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately for me, now we jog through “scenic” north Sunnyvale that includes a freeway overpass and jogging around high tech office parks and sometimes abandoned parking lots that surround them. On special days, we drive over to the former landfill area and jog around sewage treatment ponds on the edge of the SF Bay and behind the recycling depot and Yahoo headquarters. Ah, urban life. Fortunately for the dogs, they don’t care where we go because the smells on either route are fantastic.

So for today’s ThrowbackThursday blog hop, a piece from my post called Tips for jogging with your dog, and how it can benefit behavior, posted somewhat recently on January 2nd, 2014.

Things to remember while actively jogging your dog

  1. Should be off of the street (such as on a sidewalk or path), facing traffic, with the dog on the inside (away from traffic).
  2. Stop and wait at all traffic crossings, even if not lit.
  3. Even if using a jogging (hands-free) leash, always hold the leash when cars, people, or other distractions approach.
  4. Always verbally praise good behavior.
  5. Do not use food treats while jogging! One of the best benefits of jogging is getting into a rhythm or flow, and treats themselves are a distraction. The reward is in jogging and movement, and your verbal praise, so no treats are needed during the activity. Use verbal praise while jogging, and save food treats for before and after the jog to reward good behavior.
  6. Try to “potty” the dog before the jog, and provide water after they have cooled down somewhat (and only in small amounts before this).
  7. At night: Use lots of reflective or lit material, such as lighted vests. See this post for more information!

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