Zukes, the company that brings you some great treats for dogs and cats has a number of things going on at the moment, many of which are discussed in a wide variety of posts below. Two that caught my interest is that Zukes are “going green,” and have a fund to help families affected by cancer.

Cancer in our pets is extremely common, particularly in certain breeds like the Irish Water Spaniel, and Golden and Flat Coated Retrievers where it affects nearly or over half of all dogs in their respective breeds. That’s right, over half of all dogs in some breeds. For more information on breed pre-dispositions for cancer, see this scientific study. Regardless of breed or mix, all dogs, cats and people (of course) are at risk for cancer: it accounts for half of all disease-related pets in all breeds and mixes. See the following info-graphic for a bit of information on Zuke’s DCCFund helping families and their pets affected by cancer.


To learn a lot more about the DCC Fund, please visit their website for general information, their story and background, to find assistance and information, and to donate.

Also of note is how Zukes has “gone green”, making some important business changes to help the environment. Some of these changes include encouraging their employees to change their transportation methods to work, using shipping supplies that are partially made of recycled materials, and using LEDs. The following infographic also outlines how Zukes helps the community (not really “green”… but good, rewarding stuff and setting a great example as far as business practices go!)


Zukes Giveaway

There is a Zukes giveaway below, where you could win a bunch of Zukes treats! To enter the giveaway, see below (for contest and rules). There will be four winners chosen from the entries, and each of the four winners will receive 15 bags of Zuke’s treats! Good luck!

Note: DOGthusiast did not receive any product (or anything else) for writing this blog post. The news we received about Zukes simply caught our interest, and we opted to participate in this “blog hop”.

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