Raw feeding is a controversial and popular topic amongst pet dog and cat owners. A lot of the content written about the raw food diet is hyperbole and speculation, or lies for financial gain (many “experts” benefit financially by pet owners purchasing commercial pet food). Before starting my own dogs on a raw food diet, I did a lot of research to get past the lies and focus directly on how it would benefit the health of my dog (or not). Arriving at the conclusion that it would benefit their health and would not harm them in any way, in addition to being the most nutritionally wholesome diet available, I started feeding raw. And I saw their health and appearance (due to improved health) improve, as most other raw feeders do.

There is a wonderful new article written by Dr. Jean Dodds, a veterinarian with many years of experience with animals and studying their health, dispelling the myths circling about raw food diets. It is worth reading if you are unsure about raw diets, and do watch for the second part of the series.

Regarding the observations regarding improvement in appearance, such as mine above (“these animals just ‘shine’ in all respects” she says):

…they could be considered as merely anecdotal. Perhaps so, but I consider them experiential findings based on years of observations by many dedicated professionals in the holistic veterinary field.

She also discusses the salmonella issue, making this excellent point:

Most producers of raw pet foods incorporate a specific technology into their production process to eliminate pathogens, including Salmonella.

It is another excellent article about the benefits, and truths, of raw food diets for your pet.

Update: Part 2 of Dr. Dodd’s series is here, which includes details about the HPP process in eliminating pathogens.

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