On December 23rd, the one year anniversary of our adoption of Mikey, Tigger received a Truman Collar. It was a special day to receive the Truman Collar, as Mikey passed of AIHA last September, and The Truman Collar raises money for AIHA through the Morris Animal Foundation. 25% of all sales go towards hemolytic anemia research, and so far they have raised over $21,000!  To learn more about this disease, their links available on the Truman Collar website are very helpful.

The collars are hand-stitched, and the selection of collars is fantastic. Not only can you select between buckle, Martingale, and even chain martingale collars, they make extra wide collars for sight hounds and offer a wide range of designs. Actually, an astounding number of designs! There is even a special section especially for the holiday collars.

We ordered a fabric martingale in the Indigo Americana pattern:

The tag has the story behind the collars:

The collar arrived very quickly, in a nice padded envelope with a holiday sticker on the front. The quality is excellent – it seems like the kind of collar that will last forever provided Tigger doesn’t roll in something dead or a cow pie like Mikey did once. (Actually, we’re quite careful now to switch the collar to a plastic style if there’s a high risk of rolling in something of that nature).

Tigger looks quite smart in her new collar, and was happy to model it (note – she had a cat giving her grief just to her right):

“Is it time to go out for a walk?” – Tigger.

      <p>The Truman Collar is a high-quality collar that will last ages. There is a tremendous number of fabrics, designs, and colors, and proceeds go towards an excellent cause that will help save many dogs from a horrible, deadly, costly disease. <a href="http://www.thetrumancollar.com/" target="_blank">Consider heading to the site</a>, and checking out their great collars! 

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