Tigger recently received a box of her very own in the mail, which included a lovely bandana to show her support for the Meisha’s Hope AIHA/IMHA Fund (the disease our dear Mikey passed away from), and also a bag of Bronwyn’s Biscuits Peanut Butter treats.

It was actually quite nice both arrived together, as she is a very reluctant model and I wanted to take some photos of her sporting her new red bandana for her bandana photo to support the Meisha’s Hope AIHA/IMHA Fund. Tigger is camera shy (although getting better). What better way to make her happier about the camera than some delicious biscuits?

These biscuits smell very peanut-buttery, and the ingredient list is short and doesn’t contain any junk at all. Just wholesome ingredients, which is wonderful because Tigger has horrible allergies (we think to grain and preservatives, but we’re not positive!  We just know some junk foods and probably rice set her off). So these treats are A-OK when it comes to her allergies. Plus, even humans can give them a try!  (Peter and I had a small sample, much to the horror of Tigger – we were eating HER treats!)  I took a picture with a treat alongside a regular pen so you can get an idea of the size of each biscuit.

And here is a short video of Tigger eating one. Watch how the drool flows as she anticipates one!  Ewww!  Now I will note that she is definitely concerned about the camera, and was *much* more excited about the treats when the camera was put away. So this is a very watered-down response to the treat.

After I put the bag away and it was sadly obvious that treat-time was over, she promptly licked up every last crumb off the sheet:

I can honestly say that these treats are a big hit!  She doesn’t act nearly as excited about receiving other treats (even really stinky ones), and we’ve tried many!  These treats are even more popular than cheese. Oooooh, those spoiled dogs! 

Delicious, Tigger-tested treats that support an excellent cause?  Give them a try!

(Tigger woofs her thanks to the Pie!)

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