Evidence shows that mandatory spay and neuter does not work. Cities who have adopted mandatory spay and neuter, such as Los Angeles, have experienced problems such as increased shelter intake as a result. One of the causes for this problem is families with low incomes cannot afford spay and neuter, and are forced to relinquish their animals. The animals land in the shelter, and are sometimes then destroyed (both shelter intake and kill rates increase).

One of the so-called “solutions” is to provide low-income families with vouchers so they can alter their pets. However, a recent article reveals that vets are starting to reject these vouchers, as the city of Los Angeles is not reimbursing the vets for this surgery. According to their research, at least $130,000 has not been reimbursed to vets participating in the program causing families to have to search high and low for a vet that will accept the voucher they have been given by a shelter or rescue group. Not only this, but vets raised their prices after the mandatory spay and neuter ordinance went into effect, making it even harder for these families to fix their companion animals. Making the problem even worse.

As California faces the possibility mandatory spay and neuter could be mandated for the entire state, we need to look at the facts: mandatory spay and neuter has not worked for the areas that have implemented it, such as Los Angeles.  Here is another new article about MSN and how it fails our animal companions from the ever wonderful KC Dog Blog. For the full article about spay and neuter vouchers being rejected in LA, see the Daily News article here.

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